Halloween Pumpkins

Emily Rose Murray

The hauntingly realistic features of Emily Rose Murray’s work is enough to give anyone chills. Serving clients in and around Melbourne, Emily doesn’t fear size when it comes to creating intricately detailed tattoos, from full sleeves to entire backs or legs. Three-dimensional black and white with strategic pops of colour is a common theme, along with elements of art nouveau and fantasy.

Coincidentally, her name echoes the focus of a 2005 horror movie, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, which adds a darkly entertaining layer to the experience.

Check out her portfolio here.

Tattoo done by tattoo artist Emily Rose Murray.

Christopher Veness

Christopher Venness’s work can be characterised as dark and fantastically grotesque. Specialising in his own breed of colour realism, he revels in ghoulish skulls and other denizens of the dark in his horror tattoo artwork. Located in Sydney, Veness has a flair for highly detailed, eye-catching designs that are often the stuff of dreams (or in some cases, nightmares).

View some of his best work.

Tattoo done by tattoo artist Christopher Veness.

James McKenna

Based in Fremantle, James McKenna boasts a highly realistic style with a lot of shock value. The colour red is a common theme in his work, but he can easily incorporate other colours into his designs. Blending tribalism and global cultures with mesmerising details are his strong suits, and every tattoo looks like one of a kind.

Here’s a look at his portfolio.

Tattoo done by tattoo artist James Mckenna.

David Nash

David Nash is a well-known name on Australia’s Gold Coast. Co-owner of Black Market Tattoo Co., Nash is no stranger to highly realistic portrait tattoos and sculpture-like designs. Working in both black & white and colour, his style is less intensely gory and more whimsically creepy. In his portfolio, you’ll see gorgeously designed ghostly figures and stone-like skulls, all waiting to surprise and delight.

Here’s a closer look at Nash’s portfolio.

Tattoo work done by tattoo artist David Nash.

Van Peters

Van Peters at Bondi Ink in Sydney specialises in simple designs that make a statement. They’re subtle and whimsical, and take a “less is more” approach when it comes to self expression. He’s the go-to when you want to channel a horror-is-fun vibe rather than go for something overly scary.

Check his portfolio for inspiration.

Tattoo work done by tattoo artist Van Peters.

If you’re searching for the perfect artist for a horror-inspired tattoo, we hope you’ve found just the right fit! And if you’re looking for a tattoo cover up, consider booking a fading or tattoo removal consultation to ensure the best results. If you’re wondering, “Where can I find tattoo removal near me,” find a Removery location near you.