The popularity of the show ‘Tattoo Nightmares’ means that a) everybody loves a good makeover show and reveling in the bad decisions of others; b) an unexpectedly large segment of the populace is furtively skirting around with hideous ink carefully hidden; and c) in the right needle-holding hands, it is possible to get a bad tattoo drawn over with (hopefully) a much improved design.

Historically, tattoo removal was akin to scratching out the face of your ex in an (otherwise) beloved group photo. Due to leaps and bounds in technological advances, however, laser tattoo removal is equal to using computer software to remove the aforementioned-past-lover’s smug grin completely out of the picture. Tattoo coverup is like placing a sticker on top of that crooked grin. Whether or not one is pleased with the results of a coverup depends on a few factors, including the size, colour, and age of the unwanted piece, the skill of the new artist, and whether the new design is truly an improvement.

A Tale of a Tattoo Coverup Gone Wrong

One of our employees shares their first-hand experience with a bad coverup.

“Take it from me, you may just make things worse: I had a green tribal design sprawled across my upper back. It was my first tattoo, which I got in New Hampshire a week after I turned 18…by a man named Hobo. I know, I know, what could possibly have gone wrong?

Well, after wearing high backed shirts for the better half of a decade, I decided to have an Art Deco floral motif placed over the green monster. In true snowballing-of-bad-decision fashion, I decided to go to a friend who was just starting out tattooing. With zero coverup experience… Fast forward to today, where I’m getting the much larger (read: more expensive) coverup and original removed.

The moral of my forehead-slap inducing story? Do your research, and consider getting a laser treatment even if you’ve decided that you ultimately want a coverup. That way, you’ll be giving the artist a faded canvas that will be much easier to work with. Remember, ‘Tattoo Nightmares’ only shows coverups that are successful—a happy ending isn’t a guarantee.”

How to Get Better Tattoo Cover Up Results

The good news is that Removery works with tattoo artists and studios across the country to offer custom laser fading. We work with you and your artist to fade targeted areas so you can get the tattoo you want.

Coverups Results

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