Do you have your sights set on a career in the air force? Read on to learn how a tattoo might affect your goals.

What to Know About Having Tattoos in the Australian Defence Force — Air Force

Many Australians considering stepping into the Australian Defence Force wonder how a tattoo might affect their chances.

According to the ADF’s website regarding Behaviour and Appearance in the Air Force, there are no specifics on tattoos. Rather, the website states that all personnel must exhibit “high standards of behaviour and appearance.”

Also, the tattoo policy throughout the ADF is currently under review. Without hard-and-fast guidelines, this means that tattoos might be left to the discretion of your Defence Force Recruiter.

The way tattoos have previously been handled can give some insight into how a tattoo might affect your chances of joining the Air Force today. Here’s what we know.

Tattoo Content

Every tattoo will be treated on a case-by-case basis. However, the Australian Air Force has not been known for allowing obscene or offensive tattoo content. For example, tattoos that include nudity, gang symbols, signs of extremist beliefs such as Nazi symbols, or violence will likely not pass judgment. What’s more, these types of tattoos may have you rejected even if the tattoo is not normally visible.

Tattoo Placement

If you have a tattoo on, say, your inner thigh or your lower back, those tattoos might not raise as much cause for concern. However, tattoos that are highly visible, such as on your hands, wrists, arms, face, or neck, may undergo more scrutiny when you apply for the Air Force.

In the past, the Australian Air Force has rejected applicants with tattoos on the hands, face, neck, scalp, or ears. One exception to this is the presence of a small ring tattoo in lieu of a wedding or engagement ring.

Because guidelines are under review, the above information should be used for guidance only. Specific concerns can be addressed by your Defence Force Recruiter.

Permanent Makeup Tattoos

Historically, female Air Force applicants have been allowed to have natural-looking eyebrow tattoos and lip tattoos that resemble lip liner. The exceptions here are eyebrow tattoos that do not follow the natural arch or lip tattoos that are non-flesh-coloured. If the permanent makeup tattoos do not look natural, your application could be rejected.

Consider Laser Removal for Tattoos That Violate Air Force Policies

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