Seeking A Place To Belong

Kevin is a veteran who joined the military in 2006 right out of high school. The attitude and conversation around 9/11 lead him to enroll in the military which kick-started his resentment towards minorities. He was deployed in Afghanistan and was combat-injured twice which led to his medical retirement in 2012.

Once Kevin returned to the States he was seeking a group or place to belong as many veterans do. That’s when he joined a white supremacist biker gang that used his personal experience, trauma, and pain to push their ideology further into his head. For a while, Kevin lived with anger, fear, and the mentality of “us vs them”, which led to numerous SS bolts, Thor’s hammer, and a mosque with an Arabic man on fire tattooed onto his body. The mosque was a real-life scene he witnessed while deployed in Afghanistan and the white supremacist group took that traumatic event and turned his mindset towards hate and fear from that memory. Kevin felt that the group “was like a cancer” that consumed his everyday thoughts, beliefs, and mind at the time. This led to drug and alcohol abuse, along with physical and mental abuse.

Young Kevin In The Military & Gang Life

Kevin felt a calling to the military after 9/11. The conversation around terrorists at that time compelled him to fight for his country. After being medically dispatched, like many veterans in the United States, he was looking for a sense of belonging. That's when he joined a white supremacist biker gang that lead to years of fear and resentment.

First joined the military
Became a veteran
Affiliated with the gang

The Turning Point In Kevin’s Journey 

Kevin realized the hypocrisy in the organization’s ideology, and he started to hate himself for living by it. After attempting suicide, he was admitted to a 12 step drug rehab program to get clean. Now, Kevin practices Hinduism, is 4 ½ years sober, and is on his own spiritual journey. Once sober, he realized that the organization “lived today off of yesterday’s fears, which turns to tomorrow’s resentment,” and he did not want to live with fear or resentment in his heart.

“You’re not living in the moment, because the moment is timeless. And if it’s timeless, there’s no resentment because resentment occurs from the past”. – Kevin

The first time Kevin heard Hindu chanting, it vibrated in his soul in a way he couldn’t explain. “My guru used to say…all is one,” which helped him to understand that everything is connected. His guru granted him the spiritual name “Ganga Das”, and now he lives a life that’s filled with love over fear.

Reformed Family Man & Organization Leader

Ganga Das (Kevin) now practices Hinduism and dedicates his life to helping veterans like himself overcome addiction and seek help within their communities.

Reformed Hindu
Family man
Loving & serving everyone

Starting His Own Foundations

Kevin started his own Veterans Addiction Foundation which helps veterans find treatment within their communities to combat addiction. He also started an organization called Love Everyone, Serve Everyone that is dedicated to serving the community through hunger-free organizations. We asked, why start removal now? And he responded that he felt it was time to close that chapter in his life and serve as an example to his community.

Kevin's Tattoos Being Removed

Kevin has multiple tattoos being removed through the INK-nitiative program. Some of these are the "war vet" tattoos on his hands, the skeleton riding the motorcycle on his forearm, and the burning mosque on his inner arm. Kevin feels that these tattoos do not represent him or his beliefs and wants to heal from that chapter in his life.

Skeleton riding a motorcycle which represents the gang
War vet & skull hand tattoos
Burning mosque from a traumatic memory

Removing Hate Tattoos With INK-nitiative

INK-nitiative is proud to serve members of our community. We are dedicated to removing hate tattoos, human trafficking tags, gang tattoos, and tattoos from those who were previously incarcerated.

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