Upgrade to a full removal package and deduct any payments you’ve already made!

Call 866-311-5956 to claim this offer!

Q: If I just had a treatment, can I still upgrade?
A: Absolutely! As long as you upgrade your package by March 31st, you can maintain your current booking.

Q: If I am financing my current plan, can I extend my limit to cover the upgrade?
A: Yes. We multiple ways to complete this depending on how you are financed. Call our studio for support.

Q: What does a complete removal package cost?
A: Our studio teams will have your individual information and will be able to help you with the final cos

Q: Is there a discount on another 3 pack?
A: This specific offer is off of a Complete Removal Package only.

Q: Can I apply other discounts to my Complete Removal Package?
A: Unfortunately, no. We cannot apply any other discounts to the package at this time.