Covid-19 Protocol

We want to ensure our clients have the best experience possible when visiting us!

We have updated our protocols in line with CDC guidance to allow clients to wait for their appointments inside the waiting area of your Removery. (Locations inside a Doctor’s office, please follow Doctor guidelines).

All clients will need to ensure they are practicing social distancing by keeping 6 feet apart and wearing masks at all times. We will be ensuring the waiting room does not exceed 50% capacity to ensure the safety of our clients as well as ourselves. Please reschedule your appointment if you have a fever or respiratory symptoms.

  1. Sun Exposure & Self Tanner

    If you have been exposed to sunlight and have a tan in the treatment area or have used self-tanner recently we will not be able to treat you.

  2. Antibiotics or Photosensitive Medications

    If you have taken antibiotics or photosensitive medications 2 weeks prior to your appointment date then you will need to reschedule your appointment. If you have any questions please contact us.

Laser Tattoo Removal Guide

Laser Tattoo Removal Guide
We've put together a quick guide to explain how tattoo removal works and how to get the best results from your tattoo removal treatment.

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