“When I first thought about getting my neck tattoo covered I thought that it would need to be way biger than my original tattoo. By useing laser I was able to get a similar sized cover up without compremising desighn.” 


If you’ve considered a modification for your neck tattoo, you’re not alone. Because the neck and face are among the most visible parts of the body, some seek a permanent solution after relying on temporary means of neck tattoo cover up.

Our clients’ reasons for wanting a neck tattoo cover up are split, but for the most part, it’s about adapting to change. Either personal style has changed over the years, or they find themselves adapting to a new career.

Whether it’s a complete neck tattoo removal or preparation for a new neck tattoo design, we help with any neck tattoo situation.

Removery Neck Tattoo Cover Up Before and Afters

What does the result of a neck tattoo cover up look like? To give you an idea, we’ve shared a few tattoo removal before and after examples.

Removed for a cover up
Neck Tattoo- Skull Hands
Complete tattoo removal
Neck Tattoo Coverup
Removed for a cover up

Before & After Gallery

Neck Tattoos

While some workplaces pay no mind to an employee’s tattoos, some work environments are more strict about ink than others (for example, flight attendant tattoo policy versus military tattoo policy).

For those who are now committed long-term to a career that prohibits visible tattoos, neck tattoo cover up becomes part of your daily routine, week after week. In the long run, it just makes more sense to have the neck tattoo removed instead.

Is it Better to Remove a Neck Tattoo or Cover it Up?

For those who only occasionally cover up tattoos, or are just used to covering up every day and think nothing of it, temporary means to hide a neck tattoo works well for them.

For some, priorities and lifestyle have drastically shifted since they assumed a new professional role, and having a neck tattoo no longer fits in with their new persona.

Further, sometimes an employer does allow the display of tattoos as long as the symbols meet their criteria. Those who still want a tattoo on their neck may consider changing it to a new design as a compromise with their employer.

It all comes down to what works best for your situation and lifestyle. For those who frequently hide their neck tattoos, removal or modification is probably the best option.

The Neck Tattoo Cover Up Process

During the consultation phase, we evaluate your tattoo and talk with you about what outcome you hope to have for your neck tattoo cover up or removal.

Neck tattoo removal treatments (for either erasure or in preparation for a cover up design) are a bit different as compared to other parts of the body.

One concern with neck tattoo laser treatment is how close the lasers are to the eyes. To manage this issue, you would keep eye protection in place at all times.

Another common concern is loss of hair or patchy baldness. If hair does fall out, this is temporary and the hair will eventually grow back. 

What are the Steps for Laser Tattoo Treatment?

  • The laser delivers concentrated energy to the tattooed area by stimulating the ink particles.
  • Large ink particles are broken down into smaller pieces so the immune system will flush out.
  • Each treatment works on one layer of ink saturation at a time so several sessions are needed. Treatments (including tattoo removal aftercare) are generally 6-8 weeks apart to fully resolve the original tattoo.

With neck tattoo removal, there is also the advantage of the area being more vascularized. The neck has more blood flow and lymphatic vessels. This means that tattoo removal treatment to the neck reacts better to laser treatment compared to the legs, feet, or hands. 

Temporarily Covering Up Neck Tattoos

During consultations, many of our clients have shared with us what they’ve done to temporarily cover up neck tattoos. Below are the most common ways they’ve concealed a neck tattoo.

Talk with an expert about your neck tattoo cover up

Tattoo removal is a big decision. If you are considering laser therapy or other tattoo removal treatments, we’re here to answer any questions about your specific situation.