Tattoo Removal Methods

Tattoo Removal Methods - Tatt2Away Removal

Removal With Lactic Acid Solution

Tatt2Away has been touted as the more effective and affordable alternative to laser tattoo removal. It involves using a 40% lactic acid solution and injecting it into a scattered field in the tattoo area. This supposedly works in a similar fashion to saline and chemical removal by using the body’s natural healing process to bring ink to the surface of the skin and scabbing to remove pigments. It claims to be ‘color-blind’ and able to treat all colors of ink, whereas lasers need to use different wavelengths depending on the tattoo’s color.

Unfortunately, injecting acid into the skin is unreliable, unpredictable, and can have disastrous consequences. Severe scarring can occur if the solution is not done perfectly. It can also cause pain and loss of pigment – and there’s little chance that an entire tattoo can safely be removed completely without causing scarring using this method.