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There is no one on earth that has more experience of laser tattoo removal than our team here at Removery. One thing we agree on is that the more questions we get the better your expectations and the better your results.

6 questions to ask your laser tattoo provider

You’ll know by now that the world of tattoo removal is a pretty confusing one. So much information, so much science. How do you work out what is important for you or important for the tattoo removal company’s bank balance?

We’ve put together some key questions to make sure you get the best possible results when choosing a tattoo removal studio.


How long have you been in business?


It’s all about experience. The more you have the more you know, the better the treatment is going to be. If they haven’t performed a lot of treatments then it’s very unlikely they’ll know what to do if things do go wrong. (FYI – we’ve performed over 1 million successful treatments)


Is this your only studio?


Again it’s all about experience. We have over 160 studios across the world so there’s not really a situation we haven’t seen. If they’ve only got one or two studios they just don’t get anywhere near the same kind of exposure. There’s only a 1% chance of complications but if you’ve seen it before you’ll know exactly what to do.


What is the expertise of the laser specialist?


Are they a laser op? Or are they a laser specialist? How many years have they been doing it? How many times have they used this particular laser? They may have significant experience using lasers for hair removal, it’s a completely different game and it can be dangerous to think otherwise.


What laser are they using?


Unless it is a PicoWay laser then they’re not using the latest and the greatest technology. They may say otherwise but we’ve done the research and bought the T-shirt. We have a video here that goes into more detail about that.


Who is actually ‘hands on’ with the laser?


Is it a Doctor, a Nurse, a Physician’s assistant? Along with the right laser this is the most important factor and again, without sounding like a broken record, it’s all about experience. How many times have they removed a tattoo exactly like yours? Do they know everything about the laser they are using? If not, we’d recommend moonwalking slowly out of the door as discreetly as possible.


Do they have a Clinical Advisory Board?


A what? A Clinical Advisory Board. That’s a board of the world’s foremost experts on laser tattoo removal. A group of super brains that dedicate their lives to improving laser tattoo removal all working together to give each Removery client the safest and best possible results. Their answer will be no.
That’s because only we have one of those. Find out more about it here.


Thinly veiled advice

Ok, hands up. We set about trying to give you advice on what questions to ask when choosing your provider but ended up making it very clear who to choose.
We can’t help it, we really do want you to get the best possible treatment and that does mean choosing us. Book a free consultation at your local Removery studio, you certainly won’t regret it.

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All your questions answered

We have completed over 1 million treatments. That comes with a lot of answered questions from clients. Here are some more answers to your questions.

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