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Our promise to you

Why we only use PicoWay® Laser Tattoo Removal Technology

Caring for your skin before, during and after your treatment is our biggest priority. Using the best lasers is a significant investment, we explain why it’s so important below.

for your skin

One rule of life we always live by is ‘we get what we pay for’. Buy the cheap blender, drink lumpy smoothies. Buy single-ply toilet paper, well let’s not go into that.

That’s why we pay over $250,000 for each Candela, PicoWay® laser tattoo removal system. They are simply the best at removing tattoos period. With the highest level of safety and accuracy they also take better care of your skin. For us, that’s money well spent.

The Candela PicoWay laser system is an investment in your skin.

Not all lasers are created equal

The 4 reasons why we choose PicoWay®

#1Speed demon

A picosecond is a trillionth of a second. So picosecond technology allows the laser to go in and out of the skin at a much faster rate than other lasers. This causes the ink to break down into smaller particles much faster. The smaller the ink particles the faster they go away. Just think about that for a trillionth of a second. Faster removal? Yes, please.

#2Colour king

Traditionally tattoo removal lasers have struggled with colours. Black has never really been a problem but lighter, pastel colours have been difficult to target. Until the Candela, PicoWay®. Its 3 different wavelengths can target the full spectrum of colours, anywhere on the body. Now we can’t promise miracles, tattoo removal lasers still have trouble with some colours, but this laser is like having 5 Jordans on your team and 2 on the bench.

#3Maximum comfort

We know it’s no day at the spa but the right laser can certainly make it more speedy and efficient. The PicoWay’s 3 wavelengths and more accurate laser allows us to hit the ink with extreme precision. Think Tiger Wood’s chip on the 16th hole at the Masters 2005.

Direct hits on the ink mean less heat on your skin for a more comfortable treatment experience. Direct hits on the smaller ink particles can break them down faster and lead to fewer treatments altogether. Now that would be nice wouldn’t it.

#4Skin in the game

Tattoos on all of the various tones of skin in the world are challenging for inferior lasers. The PicoWay laser, with its multiple wavelengths, is the only FDA cleared laser for all of the Fitzpatrick skin tone types, from light to dark. When it comes to your skin, we’re just not willing to compromise.

“You wouldn’t expect a 10 year old iPhone to work as well as the latest one. It’s the same for tattoo removal lasers.”

Bill Kwan, MD

You might own a Ferrari but if you don’t know how to drive


So we’ve talked a lot about the laser but that’s only half of the story. The other half is the person operating it. And that’s why we are the only tattoo removal company that has dedicated training for every one of our laser specialists. Experience is everything.

All your questions answered

We know all of this information can feel quite overwhelming and you’re going to have a lot of questions. That’s why our experts explain it all as simply as possible right here.

After extensive research we are unequivocal about using the PicoWay Second generation laser. At $250,000 a unit, it’s not affordable for smaller tattoo studios. But we see it as an investment in your skin and they are all we use.

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It’s very simple. With the PicoWay laser there comes significantly less risk of any complications. Scarring or skin pigmentation changes are more frequent with older technology. For us it’s an investment in your skin.

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It’s a laser so there’s going to be some risks. But the chance of complications are greater with older technology. The pulse of the laser is longer, sometimes over 1,000 times longer than a PicoWay laser, which means more heat on the skin.

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