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Tattoo Removal Methods

Tattoo Removal Methods - Red Light Tattoo Removal

We have been seeing a lot of spas and tattoo removal clinics offering “Red Light” therapy to aid in the tattoo removal process.

Does Led Red Light Therapy Assist in the Tattoo Removal Process? Does It Work Well With Laser Treatment?

First, we need to understand what LED light therapy does. LED stands for Light, Emitting, Diode. In simple terms, the light energy moves through an emitting source, the diode, which is a one-way valve that allows electrical current to flow in one direction. After the laser removal process, the red light is delivered to the injury site. It helps to increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and promote healing.

Initially, this sounds like the perfect ally to assist in the tattoo removal process. Unfortunately, this is not the case. When treating a tattoo, the laser fires a Nanosecond pulse length. This rapid firing creates friction which in turn creates a small amount of heat which can cause side effects. Adding additional “thermal energy” from a LED red light therapy can result in a more severe blistering and adverse reaction.

Another thought is to potentially use red light therapy after a two-week waiting period after the first treatment session when the skin is no longer sensitive to additional “thermal energy” from the red LED. However, by speeding up the healing process, the body’s primary goal will be to heal the aggravated tissue, leaving the white blood cells less concerned with removing the foreign tattoo ink partials. We want those white blood cells to be working on tattoo removal as well as healing the aggravated tissue. A red light will speed up the healing process of tattoo removal but will reduce the amount of ink associated with the treatment. Obviously, if you have less reduction after a session, then potentially, you will need more laser tattoo removal sessions, creating more skin fatigue on the treated area.

Our bodies are amazing machines that are well versed in removing unwanted or foreign entities like unwanted tattoo ink. Laser tattoo removal was designed to assist the body in the natural process of ink removal. When healing, it is our opinion that it is more efficient to allow the body to do what it does naturally and heal at its own pace.

Laser removal of behind the ear rose tattoo

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Laser removal of behind the ear rose tattoo

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