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Tattoo Removal Methods

Tattoo Removal Methods - Tattoo Removal Cream

How Do They Work?

For those who want to have a tattoo removed without spending a lot of money or going to a dermatology clinic, the prospect of an over-the-counter tattoo removal skin care cream can be very appealing. Unfortunately, at-home tattoo removal creams as a tattoo removal alternative are more hype than anything, and in certain cases, they can actually harm the skin with harsh chemicals.

The majority of tattoo removal creams ‘work’ by bleaching the skin. Not only do you have to apply the cream multiple times per day for up to a year, but they can also create permanent light spots on your skin and may even lead to cancer as some of them use the carcinogenic ingredient hydroquinone. The use of this ingredient is banned in some countries such as England, Japan and France but can still legally be used in the United States.

These creams should definitely be avoided by those with darker skin and used with caution by everyone else. The most popular cream, Wrecking Balm, can be found at Walmart. Like all over-the-counter cosmetics, this and other creams are not allowed by the FDA to penetrate the surface of the skin, so the chemicals cannot reach the ink without actually breaking the skin’s surface. This manner of exfoliation is neither safe nor effective.