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North Houston’s Removery is nestled between downtown Houston and The Woodlands. We love being in an area that is so accessible to so many people and entertainment options. We interviewed Traci Walton, who works at our North Houston location, to give a firsthand look at what she loves about her city.

What do you like about living in and working in North Houston?

“My favorite thing about living in Houston is all of the pro sports! (When we are actually allowed to enjoy them of course!)”

What do you like to do outside of work?

“Outside of work I like to spend time with friends, hang out with my pup, and (again, when we are allowed) I love going to concerts and festivals.”

Why do you like helping people?

“This job is super rewarding, especially when someone comes in with a tattoo that is super visible– for example on the face or neck –and to see the look on their face and hear them talk about how happy their family is. Or if they got a better job because of it! We get to watch and help some people better their lives. And in some cases, we get to watch people redecorate their bodies, which is just as awesome!”

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