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Working at Removery in Boston: Our Staff’s Perspective

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What’s it like to work at the Removery’s Boston location? We asked the staff to describe their experience serving our Boston clientele, and here’s what they said!


What’s the job like


Our laser techs say their daily tattoo removal work is extremely rewarding. “You’re helping people change their lives and feel better about themselves,” says Kayla Brown, laser technician.

Danelle Sullivan, another laser tech, revels in showing people their progress pictures, which reflect the different stages of removal from one visit to the next. “You can see the excitement in their faces, and that just makes you happy to be part of it,” says Danelle.

By removing tattoos from highly visible parts of the body, Removery makes it possible for many people to pursue the career of their dreams. For others, removing a tattoo means erasing a daily reminder of a difficult time in their life or an image they no longer identify with.

People come from near and far to see them, says Danelle—which speaks to the skill and consideration of our Boston staff.

They have a good time doing their job, too, Kayla and Danelle emphasize. Their positive, upbeat workplace culture makes them look forward to coming in to work each day. They enjoy working together and ensuring the satisfaction of customers, helping them achieve the goal they have in mind. Every day, they empower people to take control of their future through tattoo removal.


Local Highlights


Our Boston location is right in the city center on Boylston Street in the Back Bay, so staff can hit the town or grab a bite as soon as they get off work. We’re just around the corner from the vibrant Copley Square and Newbury St., filled with quaint buildings and charming boutiques.

Surrounded by a copious array of restaurants, there’s something for everyone within walking distance of work—from cozy bistros and wine bars to steakhouses and taverns.

Danelle loves meeting up with friends and coworkers after work for drinks or to get a bite to eat. Our Boston location is surrounded by a wide array of great cafes and restaurants, like Earls Kitchen and Bar in the nearby Prudential Center, which is great for drinks and appetizers. Kayla says she’s a big fan of Sweetgreen, a restaurant on the first floor of the same building that serves low-frills, healthy fare.

If you’re excited about the idea of working in a vibrant organization with an upbeat, positive culture, making a difference in the lives of clients every day, and feeling deeply appreciated for your efforts, consider applying to join the Removery Team. We’re excited to bring more talented individuals on board who share our passion for helping people achieve their goals and dreams.

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