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Published: 02.23.2024

Whether a tattoo is big or small, living with unwanted ink is a struggle. From impulse decisions to past relationships, sometimes a tattoo isn’t meant to last forever. Luckily, laser technology is effective at getting rid of any size, color, and design tattoo. 

Removing small tattoos is a specialized skill requiring top-of-the-line laser technology. Tattoo removal specialists use microscopic light pulses to target unwanted ink without damaging the skin. However, only some tattoo removal clinics are equipped to handle small tattoo removal properly. So before starting your removal journey, it’s essential to research their technology and staff experience and understand all the challenges associated with small tattoo removal.

Can a Tattoo Be Too Small To Remove?

It is a myth that small tattoos cannot be removed. With precision technology, even the tiniest tattoos can be erased for good. Add an experienced technician to the mix; no tattoo stands a chance!

So why are there so many misconceptions around tattoo removal for small tattoos? When laser tattoo removal was first introduced, technology was limited to specific wavelengths, and targeting fine lines was challenging. Older models of lasers aren’t precise enough to treat small tattoos properly, and some cause damage to surrounding ink-free skin. As a result, skin discoloration and scarring were a top concern.

However, thanks to advancements in laser technology, tattoo removal specialists can effectively eliminate very small tattoos without causing skin damage. But before you schedule an appointment to get rid of a fine line or small tattoo, review the clinic’s before and after photos and treatment gallery. Ensure their staff has the experience and proper equipment to remove a small tattoo safely.

Challenges Unique to Small Tattoo Removal

The primary challenge of removing a small tattoo is targeting the ink without damaging the surrounding clear skin. Laser technicians avoid overlapping pulses to get the best results and minimize any adverse side effects. The smaller the square inch of ink, the more challenging it becomes to eradicate a tattoo properly. 

But despite these challenges, small tattoos are effectively removed with laser treatments. How? High-tech lasers give trained technicians incredible accuracy, even for the tiniest tattoos. So, while it takes skill, experience, and top-of-the-line equipment, laser tattoo removal for small tattoos is not only possible but the only FDA-approved treatment option to get rid of unwanted ink for good.

How Many Sessions Are Needed To Remove a Small Tattoo?

Every tattoo reacts differently to laser treatments. However, the typical milestones for tattoo removal are:

  • 3-5 treatments – The tattoo will be noticeably faded, which is optimal for clients planning on getting a cover-up tattoo.
  • 10-12 treatments – Ink will be removed entirely. Depending on the placement and colors of the tattoo design, additional laser removal treatments might be necessary.

It is recommended to space laser tattoo removal appointments out 6-8 weeks. The break between treatments allows the skin to heal and for disrupted ink to be processed through the body naturally. As a result, most people can have a laser removal treatment once a month or once every other month, depending on pain tolerance and rate of healing. 

Begin your tattoo removal process with a free consultation at an award-winning clinic like Removery. Their experienced staff will evaluate your tattoo and create a customized treatment plan based on your unwanted ink’s size, placement, and color. You will leave the consultation with an estimated number of required treatments and affordable payment options to balance your tattoo goals with your budget.

Tattoo Size Size Dimensions Est. Number of Sessions for Complete Removal
Tiny/Micro Tattoo < 1 sq. inches 10-12 Sessions
Small Tattoo < 4 sq. inches 10-12 Sessions

Small Hand Tattoo Removal: Before and After

Thanks to advanced PicoWay laser technology at a Removery clinic, this star tattoo design was easily removed. The original ink featured multiple colors, including red, black, purple, and blue. However, after several laser treatments, the unwanted stars are completely undetectable. Yet another successful hand and finger tattoo removal at Removery!

How Much Does It Cost To Remove a Very Small Tattoo?

Tattoo removal costs for small tattoos can vary based on the colors and size of their design. Most tattoos require 8-12 treatments to be completely removed. Removery offers affordable laser tattoo removal packages at a flat monthly rate for unlimited sessions. The cost for a small tattoo removal package is $87 per month. So, the estimated price for small tattoo removal ranges from around $700 to $1,050.

Several factors influence the number of laser removal treatments needed to get rid of a small tattoo for good. 

    • Color – Lighter hues are challenging to eliminate because they require treatments with specific wavelengths.
    • Design – Fine line tattoos or tattoos with a lot of negative space can take longer to remove because laser treatments need to be more targeted.
    • Placement – Body parts have different sensitivity levels, and everyone handles pain differently. The placement of your small tattoo might influence how long you can tolerate laser treatments.
Tattoo Size Size Dimensions Complete Removal Package Price and Monthly Payment Cost
Tiny/Micro Tattoo < 1 sq. inches Starting at $60 a month financing or $1,299 up front
Small Tattoo < 4 sq. inches Starting at $87 a month financing or $1,949 up front

Does small tattoo removal hurt?

Tattoo removal hurts about as much as getting a tattoo. Pain varies based on the placement of the tattoo and personal tolerance. However, laser removal sessions for small tattoos are quick, ensuring any discomfort is brief.

Can you fully remove a small tattoo?

Small tattoos can be fully removed. Small tattoos have less ink, making success rates high for complete removal with the use of advanced laser technology.

Do you have examples of what is considered a small tattoo?

Tattoo size is calculated by square inches. A small tattoo ranges from 1-4 square inches, so up to the size of a silver dollar. Tattoo designs that usually fall under the ” small ” category include wedding bands, initials, party dots, and symbols the size of a quarter.

Start Your Removal Journey: Personalized Free Consultation

If you are considering tattoo removal for a small tattoo, make Removery your first call! Our studios are equipped with the highest-quality lasers with the required accuracy to eliminate small tattoos. A quick glance through our gallery of before and after photos proves our clinics are the best place to erase unwanted ink from anywhere on the body.

Start your removal journey with a free consultation with a Removery laser specialist. Our expertly trained staff will factor in your tattoo goals, budget, and laser tattoo removal timeline to customize a treatment plan. Removery’s personalized experience accommodates all tattoo sizes, colors, and designs, making us the preferred laser treatment center in the United States, Canada, and Australia. 

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