Why This Tattoo Artist Is Getting Laser Removal on His Arm

Rick “Flipshades” Meggison is a tattoo artist at Rebel Muse in the U.S. city of Denver. He’s been having laser removal done on his entire left arm, down to his wrist, at the Removery’s office in Boston. Though his body is nearly covered in tattoos, he wants his left arm to be nude so it will boldly contrast with his other arm, which he’s having completely tattooed in black ink.

Flipshades became passionate about tattooing because of the history behind it. He loves to travel all over the world, he says, and the more he travels, the more he learns about the rich history of this art form. That’s why he dedicated his life to tattooing. Read on to learn more about why he loves laser removal, both as a tattoo artist and a client.

Why laser is vital

As an artist, Flipshades does incredible sticker and embroidery tattoos.

As an artist, Flipshades does incredible sticker and embroidery tattoos.

While Flipshades is thrilled to be undergoing complete tattoo removal on his arm, as a tattoo artist, he knows firsthand why laser removal is essential for cover ups, too. Laser fading makes cover ups substantially easier and results in a better-finished product, he says. It’s especially crucial for larger, darker areas.

“It’s really non-intrusive, and it makes our job significantly easier,” he emphasizes. “The darker areas—the areas that we can’t break up that well—we can cover much easier when the tattoo fades.”

Often, complete tattoo removal isn’t necessary when the tattoo cover up uses a bold, solid design. If someone’s getting a sticker tattoo or patch tattoo, for example, fading may suffice.

Because he’s already had partial tattoo removal done on his own arm, he could easily get a cover up there if that’s what he wanted, he says.

Choosing the right specialist

When looking for a laser removal specialist, he knew he wanted someone with excellent training and a proven track record—not just “some guy that took a course.” The Removery was clearly the best option, he says. “This place is legit. It’s the big one.”

As Flipshades emphasizes, people’s tastes and preferences can change dramatically over the years, and it’s no longer necessary to live with an old tattoo that doesn’t reflect who you are now. Having tattoo removal done can allow people to have exactly the aesthetic they want.

If you are looking for a cover up, depending on the subject matter laser could help. Removery specialises in complete removal and fading for coverup tattoos. We now have locations from Perth to Sydney and everywhere in between. Find a location near you and book a free coverup consultation.


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