It’s a common question that our studios hear, “What’s the best time to get tattoo removal?” and the answer is, when you no longer love the artwork, you’re wearing. While there is no reason to postpone tattoo removal treatments, there are many benefits to starting and continuing the process in fall and winter.

Lack of Sun Exposure Helps Achieve Great Tattoo Removal Results

Sun exposure and tattoo removal are like vinegar and water, they don’t mix. Tattoo removal treatments cannot be done while the skin is tanned. Following each appointment we request everyone to remain out of the sun for a brief period, making the fall and winter ideal time to start your laser removal treatment.

Starting tattoo removal in the fall and winter will mean, for most, long sleeves, hoodies and sweaters, long pants, and jackets.

This naturally takes us away from sun exposure that happens even from going for a drive during those warmer months of the year in a tee or tank top.

We ask for this concession in the spring and summer because the sun can create sensitivity in the skin, and while not common, could lead to prolonged, excessive swelling, blistering or worse, the loss of pigmentation, known as hypopigmentation.

Don’t Miss Out on Swimming

For many, the optimal way to relax and cool off during summer is float in a pool, or maybe cannonball in? There’s something relaxing about being in the ocean or visiting a nearby lake that connects many of us to nature and brings calm and relaxation, too. Sadly, these are not ideal activities for anyone going through tattoo removal treatments.

Like being in the sun, the winter curbs these activities making it an ideal time to have laser tattoo removal treatments done. Avoiding long soaks in the tub, swimming in pools, oceans and other water-based activities post-treatment is recommended to ensure the skin has plenty of time to heal before being exposed to anything potentially harmful. Going through tattoo removal in the winter means no missed fun-time opportunities!

No Care About Body Hair

To achieve optimal tattoo removal results, the skin must be hair-free for treatment. For those with particularly hairy body parts, it could mean having a small bald patch on an arm, leg, back or chest for a period of time until the hair has regrown. Then the whole process will be repeated for the next treatment, and so on.

Alternatively, post-treatment we ask that treated areas are not shaved, waxed, or plucked until fully healed. This can vary person to person from a few days to a few weeks. This is why winter is a perfect time to hide it with clothing!

Surprise Yourself & Your Friends

Not loving how a tattoo looks and starting laser tattoo removal can be deeply personal. It can also take some time to become more comfortable approaching the subject with family and friends. It can even take time to adjust to what you see in the mirror. Having tattoo removal treatments in the fall and winter allows for clothing to naturally cover the areas that are commonly tattooed. While hiding with clothing isn’t an answer to removing them, when spring and summer rolls around and seasonal clothing changes, you can expect a pleasant surprise when looking in the mirrors and from friends who are seeing the new you in your updated skin.

For many, this natural ability to cover unwanted tattoos with clothing during colder months is a huge self-esteem boost and mental stress reliver. Take advantage of the opportunity to start tattoo removal during these months!

Getting Started

Circling back to where we started from, there is no time like the present. Starting tattoo removal in the winter just has some added benefits to it! Removery is here with you the whole way through the tattoo removal journey, which starts with a free consultation.

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