3-Pack of Tattoo Removal Cost

Tattoos are no longer forever. The PicoWay® lasers that we use have pushed tattoo removal technology so far that the idea of tattoos being permanent is a thing of the past. It works and it will leave your skin looking like it did before you ever had it. What a relief.

3-Packs Save Money and Offer Flexibility


We are not shy about it, we believe that our complete removal package is the best choice for those seeking the cheapest cost for their tattoo removal. However, we also know that there has to be something between that is is better than paying-per-session.

When you know you want to see results, but aren’t ready to commit to the complete removal package consider choosing a 3-pack. This package is very likely to show fading, and works perfectly as a trial to showing how your body will react to laser tattoo removal.

Regardless of what you purchase, learn more about tattoo removal before making the decision on which way you should approach your tattoo removal.

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3-Packs Are A Strong Alternative To Single Sessions


At Removery, we understand that the journey of tattoo removal is unique for each individual. While some may seek complete removal, others might opt for fading their tattoos for various reasons, such as preparing for a cover-up. This is where our 3-pack treatment option becomes a valuable and strategic choice.

Opting for a 3-pack treatment offers a balance between commitment and flexibility. When you choose this package, you’re not only making a cost-effective decision but also allowing yourself to witness the progression of the removal process over a series of treatments. This approach is particularly beneficial for those who are committed to seeing some results in their tattoo removal.

Fading a tattoo requires fewer sessions than full removal, and our 3-pack provides a better chance of getting to the right amount of treatments to achieve significant fading. By lightening the existing ink, you provide a cleaner canvas for your tattoo artist, resulting in a more vibrant and detailed cover-up.


How Do Bulk Packs Save You Money?


Financially, the 3-pack is a smarter investment compared to single-session payments. It eliminates the hassle of transactional payments each visit, allowing you to focus on healing and getting that tattoo removed. This pre-payment method also serves as a commitment to your tattoo removal journey, getting you much closer to seeing the results you want in your journey from your first purchase.

At Removery, the math is straightforward, if you buy a large 3-pack the total value is $1,269 vs paying $1,410 which is the cost of 3 single treatments costing $470/session. That’s $150+ in savings for the same result.

Furthermore, proper spacing out the treatments in a 3-pack allows for optimal healing time between sessions. Tattoo removal relies on your body’s natural healing process, made achievable by the laser removal, to achieve the best results. By having a set number of sessions spaced appropriately, you are more likely to see your desired outcome.


tattoo removal financing

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tattoo removal financing

Your tattoo. Your choice. Your Budget. 

If you are looking for a complete removal but are concerned about the cost, we have a solution for you. With Removery Choice, our tattoo removal payment plans are designed to put you in control, allowing you to pick the payment plan that aligns perfectly with your needs, no matter the size of your tattoo or your unique financial circumstances. We can apply this for medium tattoo removal 3-packs and higher.

Worried about approval? Don’t be. We have options that come with a 100% approval rate. No delays, no obstacles. We are here to help you begin your tattoo removal today on your terms. 

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