Laser Tattoo Removal Discounts For Corporate Partners


At Removery, we’re proud to collaborate with esteemed corporate partners around the world, offering their employees special discounts on our laser tattoo removal services. We value the hard work and dedication of the employees at these organizations and are delighted to give something back. Below are the details for each of our corporate partners on how their employees can access their exclusive discounts.

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Tattoo Removal Discount for Alberta Health Services

Employees of Alberta Health Services in Canada are eligible to receive a discount on laser tattoo removal. To access this discount, employees must present their valid Alberta Health Services identification at the time of their appointment.

Tattoo Removal Discount for American Airlines

We are thrilled to offer American Airlines employees in the United States, Canada, and Australia a special discount. Just show your American Airlines employee ID at any of our locations across these countries to avail of the reduced rates on our tattoo removal services.

Tattoo Removal Discount for Cerner

Cerner employees across the United States, Canada, and Australia can benefit from our corporate discount program. Present your Cerner employee badge at any Removery location within these countries to receive your tattoo removal discount.

Tattoo Removal Discount for Grand River Hospital

Grand River Hospital staff in the United States and Canada can take advantage of a discount on our tattoo removal services. Provide proof of employment with Grand River Hospital when visiting our clinics to access your special offer.

Tattoo Removal Discount for One Life One Chance Podcast

Listeners and team members of the One Life One Chance Podcast in the United States, Canada, and Australia are entitled to a discount at Removery. Mention your affiliation with the podcast and present any corresponding identification to utilize this discount.

Tattoo Removal Discount for The Boring Company

Employees of The Boring Company in the United States, Canada, and Australia can access a corporate discount on laser tattoo removal services. Simply show your employee ID from The Boring Company at the time of service to receive a discount.

Removery is committed to supporting the well-being and personal journeys of our corporate partners’ employees. We believe in making laser tattoo removal accessible and affordable, as a means of giving back to those who contribute so much to their fields. If you’re an employee at any of our corporate partner organizations, we invite you to take advantage of these exclusive offers and embark on your tattoo removal journey with us.

Interested in offering tattoo removal discounts to your employees or colleagues?

Removery is always open to new partnership opportunities, if you’d like to see how we can work with you please reach out.


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Corporate partners get tattoo removal discounts with Removery.

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