Facial Tattoo Case Study

Teardrop tattoos are becoming increasingly popular to remove. We helped our client remove his in just 2 treatments.

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Chest Tattoo Case Study

Helena came to us with two flash cherry tattoos on her chest. Given the tattoos age, location, skin type, and lifestyle we originally thought the tattoo would take up to 8 tattoo removal treatments. Luckily we were able to remove her entire chest tattoo in 5 tattoo removal sessions.

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Shoulder Tattoo Case Study

Learn how we helped our client completely remove a 20-year-old Celtic Knot Tattoo on his arm.

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Sleeve Tattoo Case Study

This client worked with our Boston location to lighten his upper arm tattoo in preparation for a cover up tattoo. He wanted to lighten the existing ice fishing themed tattoo to ensure his new black and grey motorcycle tattoo design was not inhibited by the old work.

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Knuckle Tattoo Case Study

Knuckle tattoos have been incredibly popular in recent years. We have found that the majority of clients who are interested in knuckle tattoo removal have tattoos on the hands and are either looking to lighten them for a cover up or are interested in a full tattoo removal.

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Finger Tattoo Case Study

In five short laser treatments, Removery fully removed our client’s unwanted finger tattoos. Typically finger tattoos like partial tattoos on the knuckles or hands take longer to remove.

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Stomach Tattoo Case Study

The popularity of Belly Button tattoos or tattoos on the stomach has fluctuated in the past decade. From the infamous cat belly button tattoo and monkey belly button tattoo to the sun belly button tattoos of the 90s. Belly button tattoos are part of the tattoo culture, however tattoo regret can still happen.

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Thigh Tattoo Case Study

When we first saw this classic scorpion tattoo we knew that it would be challenging to fully remove. Scorpion tattoos like this typically take just about 6 treatments. The heavily saturated black linework that makes up the outline is deep and saturated. See how we tackled these challenges and did a complete removal.

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Ankle Tattoo Case Study

This client came to us seeking full removal of three small tattoos in various locations of her body. Learn how we helped her fully remove her unwanted dolphin ankle tattoo.

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These are real Removery clients who decided to share their before and after tattoo removal photos, results, and testimonials. Before and after tattoo removal photos are taken during every session so clients can track their results throughout the process.

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