Being Old Has its Advantages | Dispersion

Have you ever noticed how old tattoos look faded and blown out? When a tattoo has been in the skin for over 10 years, your own immune system has time to try and chip away and remove a portion of the ink without the need of laser. Our clients find that the older the tattoo is the fewer laser treatments are required.

Removal Challenge | Scar Tissue

If you look closely at the original tattoo you will see that there are raised spots. Sometimes, when the tattoo is applied by an amateur tattoo artist, scaring will occur if the tattoo machine is not tuned appropriately or if the tattoo does not heal properly.

When pre-existing scaring is present,the tattoo removal process may take longer due to what we call “scar tissue encapsulation.” This is when the tattoo ink is encapsulated in scar tissue. When this happens the laser has to first breakthrough the excess tissue and then needs to breakdown the ink. Only after the ink is broken down can it then be carried away by the immune system. While the laser still effectively breaks down the ink, the body struggles to remove the ink from within the scar tissue.

How to Remove Shoulder Tattoos

First we worked to break down the heavier black line outline. This helped to set the groundwork for future sessions with the PicoWay. The PicoWay is the only Picosecond laser to utilize a 755 wavelength. Where 1064 is the most common for black ink removal, sometimes certain inks respond better to the 755 due to the chemical composition of the tattoo ink. While both 1064 and 755 modalities were used for the linework on this tattoo, we also used the 532 wavelengths to reduce the appearance of the yellow ink.

To address the pre-existing scar tissue, and ink encapsulated within it, The Removery also utilized micro-needling treatments. This causes a mechanical breakdown of scar tissue and creates channels for the encapsulated ink to escape through. Micro-needling is used at the end of this client’s process, to ensure all the scar tissue is broken down, the crystalized ink is ready for the immune system to carry it away.

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