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Masters of the Macabre: The 6 Best Horror Tattoo Artists of 2021

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If you’re yearning for a scary tattoo this October, check out these six fantastic artists.

Looking for a spooky tattoo this October—or maybe a tattoo coverup? We have a fantastic lineup of tattoo artists for you, whether you’re looking for slightly creepy or downright terrifying. Read about these masters of art who know how to create the thrills and chills you’re looking for!

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Halloween Pumpkins

Featured Horror Tattoo Artist #1: Ryan and Matt Murray

These identical twins co-own Black Veil Studio in Salem, Massachusetts. With everything from Sleepy Hollow-inspired designs to demonic ladies, their work is filled with grim beauty. They work in black and gray, with white highlights. Their artwork focuses on catching a glimpse of what lies between two worlds.

Because they are the sole artists of their studio, they must sometimes be selective about the work they take on. Naming their studio after Hawthorne’s The Minister’s Black Veil, they steadfastly maintain an eerily macabre spirit that entices and delights visitors.

Featured Horror Tattoo Artist #2: Ron Russo

Ron Russo self-characterizes his work as “dark and demented.” Specializing in his own breed of color realism, he revels in ghoulish skulls and other denizens of the dark in his horror tattoo artwork. He began tattooing in 2000 when a friend left him all his tattooing equipment, practicing on anyone who was “un-clever enough” to let him. In 2005, he and his wife opened 570 Tattoo Co. in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Now, the shop has six artists (including Ron), among whom you’ll find a wide variety of styles and subjects.

Featured Horror Tattoo Artist #3: Paul Aker

Paul Acker has a highly realistic style with a lot of shock value. His shop, founded in 2015 in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, is called the Séance Tattoo Parlor. When you step inside, you’ll know why. Paul is highly selective about the horror tattoo designs he takes on, but if you’re one of the lucky few who make the cut, you’ll get a one-of-a-kind piece of art from this master of the grotesque. His shop also offers in-house laser tattoo removal via the Removery.

Featured Horror Tattoo Artist #4: Ick Abrams

Ick Abrams practices his craft at GRIM Tattoo in Penndel, Pennsylvania. Working in both black & white and color, Ick’s style is less intensely gory than whimsically creepy. In his portfolio, you’ll see gorgeously designed demons and eight-legged skulls, all waiting to surprise and delight.

Featured Horror Tattoo Artist #5: Alexandra Fische

Alexandra Fische specializes in nightmarishly adorable Halloween critters, from trick-or-treating pumpkins to spooky bats. If you’re looking for something cute and creepy, she doesn’t disappoint. She works in Salem, Ma at the 9th Realm Gallery and can be contacted through her website with requests.

Featured Horror Tattoo Artist #6: Courtney Raimondi

Courtney Raimondi or Blood of Wolves does many anime-inspired designs. If you’re looking for something fun rather than shockingly scary, her work might be right up your alley. Her tattoos aren’t exclusively spooky, but her portfolio features numerous creepy designs. She works in New York City and takes appointments at two locations via her website.


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