What Brought You To Removery?

Coral worked as a nurse in a hospital for almost a decade and went back to school to become a nurse practitioner. “As cliche as it sounds, I wanted to help people” but she never really felt like she got to help people in the hospital. Coral was looking for something new and fresh outside of the medical field and found Invisible Ink (Now Removery). She feels like she can align with Removery inside and outside of work. “They really strive for us to truly be the experts we are in tattoo removal”.

How Does Your Experience In Medicine Compare To Your Experience In Aesthetics?

There’s a significant difference between working in a hospital vs a studio. She’s grateful for her experience as a nurse but wasn’t satisfied. It was very task-oriented and she didn’t get to see her clients getting discharged so aesthetics gives her more instant gratification. With tattoo removal, she is able to watch the client transformation, it just takes a little bit longer. Getting to see her clients progress every 6-8 weeks and to see how excited, empowered, and liberated they are Coral says “I think it’s a beautiful thing and just a major difference from medicine”. She now has time to actually connect with clients and hear their stories and create a beautiful relationship throughout that tattoo removal journey.

How Do You Create A Welcoming Environment For Our Clients?

Coral loves the connection, “I think there are so many beautiful human beings in this world” and she feels like sometimes we forget we’re all human and have our own story. “What an amazing job I have where I get to give them their confidence back. It’s a dream.”

She always tells her clients that we live many lives in this one life and to give ourselves grace. There are hardships, the good, the bad, and most of the time we learn from it and with tattoo removal, we are able to give them that fresh start. It’s important to be empathetic to how vulnerable clients can be when they come in. “I really try to respect, admire, and appreciate how much they trust us in this process.”

What Advice Would You Give To A Nurse Looking To Move Into Aesthetics?

She would advise any nurse who is looking to expand their knowledge and skills outside of the medical field to give aesthetics a try! Especially tattoo removal. Coral says that in aesthetics, “you’re their mentor, supporter, and counselor somedays”. She appreciates her medical background but didn’t know these opportunities were out there and she’s grateful for them.

What Is Your Favorite Part About Working At Removery?

Teamwork is essential. She gets excited about work because she gets to work with someone who is just as passionate, has the same work ethic, and is compassionate. She loves the relationships she gets to build with her clients, and feels that “we’ve been in this process with them for a while, so I get to know the ins and outs of their lives and be supportive and empower them throughout this journey”. The process is deeper than just removing their tattoo, a lot of it is mind, body, and soul healing. She feels grateful that her clients allow her to come into their lives and help them.

Tattoo Removal With Removery

With Removery, you will experience tattoo removal with expert technicians like Coral. Our client’s wellbeing and happiness is at our core. Need tattoo removal services? Check out a Removery studio near you today, and book a free consultation with one of our technicians. Want to learn more about the removal process? Check out this article breaking down how tattoo removal works. Watch our laser tattoo removal 101 series to learn more about the clinical expertise Removery has to offer, and an interview with Dr. Thomas Barrows from Removery’s clinical advisory board.