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From Optometrist to Tattoo Removal Technician

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How one man switched careers to help people bounce back from bad ink.

Laser specialist Paul Georgos is one of a kind when it comes to removing cosmetic tattoos. A trained optometrist, he’s the only laser technician in Australia with such specific skills –which makes him the ideal person to remove tattoos from around the delicate eye area. Now a valued member of Removery, the world’s leading laser tattoo removal service, Paul is bringing his specialized experience to clients in Melbourne. “Being able to help people feel more confident and happier about how they look is really heart-warming,” he says. Here’s how Paul’s career path took him from optometrist to cosmetic tattoo removalist:

From optometry to tattoo removal:

“I worked as an optometrist for 30 years,” says Paul. “During that time I did a lot of laser eye correction for patients. In the early 2000s, I noticed lots of people coming in with cosmetic tattoos, particularly eyebrows and eyeliner. I thought: ‘one day, these are going to stop being fashionable, or fade, and people will want to remove them.’” Paul’s spark of an idea was cemented when he was asked to show off his precision with a laser at a tattoo removal demonstration. “I realized what an emotional process tattoo removal could be,” he says. “I saw first-hand that having a tattoo removed could really make a difference to someone’s confidence and happiness.” He decided to set up his own clinic specializing in cosmetic tattoo removal, using his skills and training as an optometrist to bring an extra finesse to his work. “I did an extra laser safety certificate, and a laser tattoo removal course,” explains Paul. “That was in 2012, and I merged with Removery last year.” He still works a couple of days a week as an optometrist, too. “It’s great to blend my skills,” he says. “It means I can make sure I’m across all advancements in treatment so my clients really are getting the best.”

A day in the life of Removery:
Paul sees around 10 clients a day –but that’s not all laser work. A large part of his job is building rapport with the people who come to his clinic. “I take a lot of time workshopping everything with clients,” he says. “There are many conversations to be had prior to treatment, so people feel comfortable. A lot of the tattoos I remove are on someone’s face, so they are very visible. This means people can be –understandably –sensitive about the process.” He adds: “I’m always really upfront with clients about what to expect. I like to tell people how many sessions they should expect to have and what the treatment will feel like. I’m honest with them if I think it’s likely there might be some residual ink. It can be a big process, both emotionally and physically, to get a tattoo removed. It’s also a big investment of time and money, so I want to make it a positive experience.”

A people person Paul really values: the client relationship side of his work at Removery:
“As an optometrist, there are a lot of very functional questions. You ask ‘does this look clear? Does this hurt?’ and there’s not time for much else,” he says. “The great thing about tattoo removal is that you have a lot more time to chat. You can actually get to know someone, particularly as they come back and see you every eight weeks or so. I really dig that part of the job.” He also enjoys seeing a very visible change in the tattoos he’s treating. “Being able to look at before and after photos with a client and see the change is great,” he says. “Seeing a final outcome is really satisfying.” The support Paul gets from Removery is invaluable in allowing him to focus on the communication and trust with his clients. “There’s a board of medical directors supporting all the technicians if we ever have a question. It’s awesome because I can always just say: ‘hey, man –what do you think about this one?’ It’s great knowing you’ve got a team of people behind you.”

How Does Eyeliner Tattoo Removal Work?

Removing tattooed eyeliner is the most specialised treatment Paul performs. It involves using his skills and knowledge as an optometrist to perform a delicate procedure. “I place a high-strength numbing gel in the eyelid margins, then put an anaesthetic drop in each eye,” he explains. “Then I place a medical grade metal shield, like a contact lens, inside each eye to protect it. This ensures there’s no damage to the eyeball.” The laser takes around 15 seconds to perform. “Afterwards I pop an antibiotic drop into each eye as a precaution,” he adds. When it comes to eyebrows, the removal process is also delicate. “I give a cold pack to numb the area, then eye shields to protect the eyes. Then I follow the eyebrow with the laser –it takes around 20 seconds. I’ll give another icepack afterwards to reduce any swelling –and that’s it.” Because the eyes are such a delicate area, people can be particularly nervous having tattoos such as eyebrows or eyeliner removed. “I know I can do the best possible job, but it’s still horrible when people are squirming or feel uncomfortable during the treatment,” he says. “I always work as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Giving people their confidence back:
Paul has treated thousands of people over the years, but there are a few special cases that stick in his mind. “I helped one young woman who had two angels tattooed on her temples,” he recalls. “She really wanted to make a go of things, and helping her remove them allowed her to move on. She was so grateful.” Another woman had a crucifix tattooed on her forehead from a religious ceremony when she was younger. “The tattoo had been done with carbon –basically burnt wood tattooed into her head,” says Paul. “It was extremely liberating for her to walk away with a clean forehead.” Knowing he’s able to make a difference to how people feel about themselves –and the opportunities that are afforded them –is what drives Paul each day. “It’s a real buzz,” he says. Please note: Eyeliner removal is currently only available at Removery Melbourne CBD.

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