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Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal in Melbourne Cost Guide

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Laser tattoo removal in Melbourne cost varies based on a number of factors. This guide covers the prices & process so you can make a well-informed decision.

In 2023, there are a lot of reasons you might want your tattoo removed — and with more than 400,000 tattoos removed, we’ve probably seen them all at Removery!

Common Reasons For Contemplating Tattoo Removal Include:

  • Regret about a past tattoo that doesn’t reflect your current values
  • Getting rid of a piece that reminds you of a negative time in your life
  • Cleaning up a tattoo that wasn’t as professional as you’d like
  • Clearing space for a new work of art

At Removery, we think your reason for getting a tattoo removed is completely legitimate. You should be 100% pleased with every piece of art you have on your body. Tattoo removal is a tool to help you achieve your ultimate body art goals.

Of course, the cost of removing a tattoo is a critical component in deciding whether you want to get a tattoo removed. Tattoo removal costs depend on various factors, but we try to make Melbourne tattoo removal pricing easy to understand. Read on to learn more about our Melbourne tattoo removal pricing and the potential factors influencing cost.

Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne Costs: Removery’s Average Prices

We calculate tattoo removal costs at Removery on a per-tattoo basis. This means that during a consultation at our clinic, an experienced Removery team member works with you directly to discuss your tattoo removal goals, and come up with a plan based on your specific tattoo. They’ll then decide during the same consultation on a cost for your tattoo removal package based on the size of your tattoo.

The primary factor in tattoo removal is the tattoo’s size. At Removery Melbourne, we have some average fees based on tattoo size. We’ve developed a Cost Guide to allow you to see some examples of tattoos we’ve evaluated and the costs to remove them.

Melbourne Tattoo Removal Pricing

Tattoo removal Melbourne cost estimates are:

  • Extra Small Tattoo Average Removal Cost: (about one square inch or less) $1,240
  • Small Tattoo Average Remov/al Cost: (about four square inches) $1,890
  • Extra Large Tattoo Average Removal Cost: (about 25 square inches) $3,790

How Are Tattoo Removal Costs Calculated?

Size is only one factor in the cost of tattoo removal. An experienced laser tattoo removal technician at our clinic will also evaluate tattoo age, level of pigmentation, the client’s skin type, and several other elements during your consultation.

Tattoo removal is not a “one and done” experience. It will take a few sessions to get your tattoo fully faded. Each session takes about 15 minutes, but the number of sessions you need depends on the density of your tattoo.

Some tattoos are easier to remove than others. For example, tattoos in high-blood-flow areas of your body, like your back, chest, and stomach, are easier to remove than those located in areas with less circulation (think your fingers and toes). Interestingly, age can also be a factor in ease of removal. Younger people or those with more active immune systems will often find their tattoos fading more quickly.

Despite some tattoos being easier to remove, Removery is committed to working with you to develop a plan to handle any tattoo removal.

When you meet with a Removery specialist, you’ll discuss many elements of the tattoo you want removed and how they’ll affect the cost. We outlined some of these factors below.

Tattoo Age

The older a tattoo is, the easier it will be to remove. This difference is because the ink of an older tattoo is less vibrant, meaning there’s less physical ink left in the skin to remove.

Ink Quality

Every tattoo artist uses a specialized mix of ink on their tattoos. This mix means that the things that make the color of your tattoo unique can also make it more or less challenging to remove. Artists use ink compounds composed of many different chemicals and products, which means that the type of ink matters when it comes to the depth the ink penetrates, the intensity of pigmentation, and other factors.

Tattoo Size

As we stated above, one of the main contributors to the number of tattoo removal sessions you’ll need is the size of your tattoo. Smaller tattoos covering less surface area take less time than bigger ones.

Tattoo Color

That stark black-and-grey tattoo you loved when you were 19 might have faded to something you want to remove today. The good news is that darker inks tend to be easier to remove than lighter inks like yellow and pink.

Tattoo Location

To understand why it’s easier to remove tattoos located on certain parts of the body, it’s important to know the science behind tattoo removal.

A tattoo machine places the tattoo ink into the middle layer of your skin. Your immune system immediately sends white blood cells to attack the ink molecules. These cells pull out as many small particles as possible, but they leave behind larger ink particles that are difficult to break down, which settles in the dermis as your tattoo design. But the cells don’t stop chipping away at the larger particles, which is why your tattoo design continues fading over time.

Laser tattoo removal works by giving your immune system a helping hand. The laser breaks apart the larger ink particles, making them small enough for your white blood cells to carry away.

This process means the location of your tattoo plays a vital role in how easy it is to remove. Tattoos closer to the areas that produce blood cells (your lymph nodes) are easier to remove, while those farther away may take more sessions.

For example, a tattoo placed on your neck is directly next to the lymph nodes in your throat. When a laser begins to break apart the ink particle of your neck tattoo, the white blood cells will have a short distance to travel to react and absorb the new, smaller ink particles.

This process may mean the same tattoo placed on your neck may take a shorter time to remove than one on, for example, your foot, which is far away from the immune system.

Melbourne Laser Tattoo Removal Technology

Not all tattoo removal machines are created equal. Removery Melbourne uses only state-of-the-art PicoWay® laser technology to remove your unwanted tattoo safely. This technology utilizes the best laser for tattoo removal, which goes in and out of the skin much faster than other tattoo removal machines.

The PicoWay works in picosecond which is a trillionth of a second! This unique technology allows Removery technicians to remove any tattoo safely from anywhere on your body.

All of this talk about lasers might leave you wondering, “Is tattoo removal with the PicoWay laser system safe?” The answer is yes! Laser removal is the safest and most effective method of tattoo removal.

Tattoo Removal Before And After Pictures

Interested in seeing what tattoo removal looks like before and after? Below are some examples from real Removery clients.

Lower Back Tattoo

Finger Tattoo

Shoulder Tattoo

Full Back Tattoo

Financing Options For Your Melbourne Tattoo Removal Treatment

Deciding to get a tattoo removed can be a big decision, emotionally and economically. At Removery, we understand that many people are under financial stress due to today’s economy. It can be challenging to afford the costs of tattoo removal all at once. We believe that being happy with your body art is a considerable part of your self-esteem, and price should never hold you back from being happy with your pieces. We offer tattoo removal financing and payment options that work for every budget. Our goal is to make financing your tattoo removal straightforward, easy, and efficient, so there are no roadblocks in your removal journey.

At Removery, We Take The Guesswork Out Of Laser Tattoo Removal

There are many things to consider when thinking about getting a tattoo removed. Is this tattoo actually “removable?” How long will it take? How much will it hurt? And, maybe most importantly, how much will it cost?

At Removery, we aim to take the guesswork out of your tattoo removal experience. The first step for any laser tattoo removal service is a complimentary consultation. We’ll determine the factors contributing to the cost and the number of sessions you’ll need. We’ll answer any questions you have and ensure you feel educated and empowered about your tattoo removal journey. Then, we’ll work with you to develop the best financing options to make your tattoo removal dreams a reality.

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