Does tattoo removal work on dark skin? 

One of the most commonly asked questions we get is “can you do tattoo removal on dark skin?” The answer is yes! Removery has removed tattoos from all different skin types. In this article, we will answer some of your questions about tattoo removal on dark skin and provide you with the best dark skin tattoo removal before and after results.

Tattoo Removal On Dark Skin Before and Afters

See our top 6 before and after tattoo removals on dark skin types below!

Due to the amount of circulation in the neck, tattoos placed there are often removed in the 10-12 session range. The more circulation around your tattoo, the more white blood cells there are to take the ink particles away.

Tattoo removal is a noninvasive procedure that does not cause adverse reactions such as scarring. With proper aftercare protocols, the integrity of the skin should remain intact. Your skin should look like nothing was ever there once the removal process is complete.

Most tattoos can be completely removed. Even if there is a small amount of ink remaining in the skin, it’s usually faded enough to not be immediately recognizable. Over time, the residual ink will fade out of the skin.

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Smaller fine line tattoos that are not as dense tend to fade away quicker than a large saturated tattoo. This is due to there being less ink packed into the dermis. Your body’s white blood cells will be able to digest the ink quicker than a tattoo that has multiple layers to remove.

Finger tattoos tend to take longer to remove because there is less circulation which means that there are fewer white blood cells traveling to the fingers to pull the ink out. With time and continued sessions, finger tattoos can be completely removed.

The tattoo speaks for itself, everything takes time. The same rules apply to tattoo removal! With time and continued removal sessions, a tattoo can be completely removed. The body just needs time to break down the tattoo between removal sessions, which is why clients are asked to wait 6-8 weeks before being treated again.

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Common Questions About Tattoo Removal on Dark Skin Types

We answer some of your most commonly asked questions about tattoo removal on dark skin.

Work In Progress Tattoos on Dark Skin Types

It takes time to see complete removal results. On average a tattoo can be removed in 10-12 sessions. A client can typically expect to start seeing fading results around sessions 4-5. Below are some work-in-progress tattoo removals on dark skin.

Work in progress
4 tattoo removal sessions
Work in progress
5 tattoo removal sessions
Work in progress
6 tattoo removal sessions

Dark Skin Tattoo Removal With Removery  

There you have it! Tattoo removal does work on dark skin types. It’s important to remember that everyone’s tattoo removal journey looks different and you’ll need to follow aftercare protocols in order for your tattoo to heal properly. Check out our Vol:1 before and after results on dark skin types blog and start your tattoo removal journey today! Book a free consultation with a studio near you or get a free estimate to learn more about your removal options with Removery. 

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