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YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, and Tattoo Collector Qcknd Shares Her Tattoo Story

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Published: 10.05.2021
Updated: 12.19.2023

Who is Qcknd?

Qcknd is an alternative lifestyle content creator in the YouTube space. She’s been making body modifications and tattoo videos on YouTube for nearly a decade. YouTube was a platform where she could answer questions through videos and serve as a resource for people in search of information on all things tattoo-related. She remembers the first time someone watched one of her videos and made an appointment with an artist and how cool it felt to help people.

Qcknd’s Tattoo Removal

At 16, Qcknd wanted a tattoo and went to a walk-in street shop. She got a tattoo of two manatees on her upper back shoulder blade that she is now removing for a full back piece. When she decided to start tattoo removal, she met with Mike from GO Tattoo Removal (now Removery) and learned a lot about the removal process. From there, she started talking about her tattoo removal experience on YouTube. She feels that tattoo removal is pretty uncomfortable, but it’s a lot faster than getting tattooed.

“Tattoo removal happens so fast, it’s like 90 seconds….I get so scared that I build it up and it ends up not hurting as much”.

Qcknd was on the fence about starting tattoo removal 5 years ago because it felt like she was defying her previous punk self, but the tattoo community has shifted to become more body positive. She now feels that if a tattoo doesn’t spark joy anymore, get rid of it! She also has a tattoo on her hip that she got at 18 with a friend who was going away. She realized that she didn’t need to keep a tattoo she didn’t love anymore and started the removal process.

“I don’t think it’s great to live with something I don’t really love…the answer is so obvious, let’s get it removed.”

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Stay up to date on Qcnkd’s tattoo progress on her YouTube channel and see more clients like her on Removery’s YouTube channel. Do you also have a tattoo you don’t love anymore? Book a free consultation with Removey today.

Qcknd Video About Tattoo Removal

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