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Complete Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are no longer forever. The PicoWay® lasers that we use have pushed tattoo removal technology so far that the idea of tattoos being permanent is a thing of the past. It works and it will leave your skin looking like it did before you ever had it. What a relief.

The 5 ways we’re changing tattoo removal for good

All your questions answered

We know all of this information can feel quite overwhelming and you’re going to have a lot of questions. That’s why our experts explain it all as simply as possible right here.

The laser hits the ink in a tattoo, breaking it into smaller and smaller particles. Once these particles are small enough they’re taken away naturally by your body. We repeat this until it’s gone completely.

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Not all lasers are create equal. Our lasers have advanced speed and accuracy to reduce discomfort and improve results. They’re called PicoWay lasers. And they’re the best around.

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The truth is we can’t give you a definitive answer. It varies client to client due to lots of factors like the age of the tattoo and the type of ink used. But typically we say between 8 and 12 sessions.

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We’re on a mission to give you the most straightforward, easy and efficient laser tattoo removal experience. Your estimate will be entirely bespoke to your tattoo; the size, the colours, the ink. It won’t take long and afterwards you’ll have a plan to finally get rid of your unwanted tattoo and get back to being you.

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Our complete removal promise

We’re on a mission to improve the tattoo removal industry. From pricing to technology to expertise. Traditionally, clients have been charged per tattoo removal session which leads to mounting costs. Our Complete Removal Packages brings you complete transparency.

There is one price to remove your tattoo. And we will continue to remove your tattoo until all removable ink is gone, regardless of the number of sessions or time.

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You will never pay more than the quote we give you.

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