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Best Tattoo Shops in Edmonton, AB: Check Out These Hidden Gems

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Published: 01.09.2024
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Bill Kwan, Dermatologist

The first step to getting a fantastic tattoo is choosing the right tattoo parlor and artist for the job. Edmonton is home to hundreds of renowned tattoo artists, so how do you find the perfect one? This top ten list does the hard work for you. Each featured tattoo parlor offers exceptional artistry, top-notch customer service, and professional hygiene standards. Let’s dive into the best places for tattoos in Edmonton, AB! 

The 10 Best Tattoo Shops and Parlours in Edmonton

Check out this specially curated list of the best tattoo parlors in Edmonton. Each of these tattoo shops is highly rated in all areas of tattooing, including:

  • Skills and professionalism
  • Safety and hygiene
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Award-winning tattoo artists
  • Original and custom artwork

Ready to see if your favorite tattoo parlor makes the cut? Let’s dive into the top 10 tattoo shops in Edmonton, AB.

Edmonton Tattoo Shop #1: Bombshell Tattoo 

For over 20 years, Bombshell Tattoo has ranked as one of the top tattoo parlors in Edmonton. The studio is home to fourteen talented tattoo artists and is run by Edmonton’s most renowned international tattooist, Liz Venom. Liz travels the world, attends over ten conventions of the year, and is highly sought after for her realism art. 

The Bombshell Tattoo offers walk-in availability, but if you want a piece from a particular artist, schedule an appointment on the studio’s website. Or visit Bombshell Tattoo at their upstairs studio at 3925 99 Street NW Edmonton. In addition to tattooing, Bombshell Tattoo also offers piercing services and an extensive collection of handmade body jewelry.

Edmonton Tattoo Shop #2: Bad Habit Tattoo Co.

Check out Bad Habit Tattoo’s brand new location in South Edmonton Common! This top-rated tattoo parlor has highly skilled artists who offer a variety of tattoo styles. Schedule a free consultation to get paired with the perfect tattoo artist! You can expect exceptional customer service, gorgeous artwork, and a professional setting at Bad Habit Tattoo. Browse artist portfolios or book a tattoo appointment on their website.

Edmonton Tattoo Shop #3: Atomic Zombie

Atomic Zombie is a bright and inviting tattoo parlor located at 10121 124 Street NW, Edmonton, AB. The studio features nostalgic artwork designed to look like your favorite retro arcade. Atomic Zombie has a strict no-walk-in policy and operates by appointment only. Their impressive lineup of professional tattoo artists offers unique creative perspectives and tattooing specialties. 

Are you interested in permanent makeup? Visit Diane Devine at Atomic Zombie! Diane specializes in microblading and semi-permanent tattoo makeup. All consultations are free! Stop by the studio or visit their website to set up an appointment.   

Edmonton Tattoo Shop #4: Pagan Tattoo

Get a tattoo in a shop with a deep-rooted history. Pagan Tattoo is Canada’s longest continuously running tattoo parlor. The talented team of independent artists were frontrunners and pioneers in the New School rebirth of tattooing in North America. They have an international reputation for their unique fusion of Darker Imagery and Paganism symbolism. Most work features classic tattoo imagery, tribal art, and black-and-gray realism.

Pagan Tattoo proudly offers professional tattoo services for thoughtful, creative-minded people. Schedule an appointment with your tattoo artist of choice on their website or visit the iconic Pagan Tattoo studio at 8604 – 99 Street, Edmonton, AB.

Edmonton Tattoo Shop #5: Hidden Gem

Get ready to be amazed by tattoos that look like they were painted on the skin! Check out the Hidden Gem’s artist portfolio! Their experienced tattoo artists specialize in black and gray and color realism. In addition, Hidden Gem tattooists are experienced in cover-up tattooing. Whether you want to completely conceal old ink or turn an old design into something new, the Hidden Gem tattoo parlor is Edmonton’s top cover-up tattoo destination. 

The Hidden Gem studio is a fully custom tattoo parlor that accepts walk-ins. Find more information or set up an appointment on their website.

Edmonton Tattoo Shop #6: Fountainhead Tattoo

Whether you want a small minimalist piece or a complex work of art, Fountainhead Tattoo has the perfect artist to bring your vision to reality. As specialists in custom pieces, Fountainhead Tattoo’s unique consultation approach ensures every tattoo is perfect! Schedule an appointment to sit with one of their professional artists and get your dream tattoo at Fountainhead!

Edmonton Tattoo Shop #7: S&S Custom Tattoo Studio

Are you looking for a more casual tattooing experience? S&S Custom Tattoo Studio offers various services, including special pricing, during their walk-in Wednesday Promo. Their professional tattoo artists design pieces in a multitude of tattoo styles. Get in touch on Instagram to get started on a consultation or schedule an appointment. The team at S&S Custom Tattoo is ready to create the perfect custom tattoo for you!

Edmonton Tattoo Shop #8: Ritualistics Tattoos and Piercings

Ritualistics Tattoos and Piercings have been a cornerstone of the Edmonton tattoo community for over twenty years. The team at Ritualistics knows your body is a temple and treats every customer with the utmost respect. Their extensive consultation appointments involve detailed questioning to ensure your tattoo comes out exactly like you envisioned. Ritualistics’ motto is “quality over quantity,” and their portfolio of work proves just that!

In addition, Edmonton’s top piercer, Noni, works out at Ritualistics! Whether you are getting your ears pierced for the first time or want a more complex body piercing, Noni is the person for the job. Visit the Ritualistics website to schedule a piercing or tattoo appointment. 

Edmonton Tattoo Shop #9: Crimson Empire Tattoo

If you are looking for a tattoo parlor that genuinely listens to its customers and is willing to go above and beyond to create the perfect custom piece, visit Crimson Empire! This renowned Edmonton tattoo shop operates with a client-first attitude and puts a strong emphasis on safety and cleanliness. 

Crimson Empire Tattoo offers walk-in availability and is open seven days a week! Check out the award-winning work from their professional tattoo artists by checking out digital portfolios on their website. Did you find artwork you love? Book an appointment with the tattoo artist of your choice by calling the studio at +1 780-488-5070

Edmonton Tattoo Shop #10: Rabbit Rabbit 

The artists at Rabbit Rabbit Tattoo have over 40 combined years of experience! Each artist works independently, so checking out their portfolios on Rabbit Rabbit’s website is essential. Once you decide which tattoo artist is right for you, sign up for a free consultation. Whether you are looking for stark realism or classic motifs, this top-rated Edmonton tattoo parlor is ready to ink!

Need a New Canvas or Fading for a Cover Up in Edmonton? Try Removery!

Whether you want to get rid of unwanted ink for good or are preparing for a cover-up tattoo, Removery is top-rated for Edmonton tattoo removal. Equipped with industry-leading laser technology and professionally trained technicians, Removery gets the best tattoo removal results! Their PicoWay lasers are powerful enough to erase even the most stubborn ink colors, including black and neon. Most treatment sessions are less than fifteen minutes and are easily scheduled during their flexible clinic hours. 

Not sure what to expect from laser tattoo removal? Removery’s knowledgeable and friendly staff will walk you through every step of the process. Schedule a free consultation at their Edmonton laser clinic to learn how to achieve your tattoo removal goals. In addition to expert services, Removery offers flexible payment options, ensuring tattoo removal is possible for any budget. Don’t wait! Tattoo-free skin is only a consultation away when you visit Removery Edmonton.

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