Flower Tattoo Cover Up Inspiration

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Published: 08.07.2023
Updated: 09.15.2023
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Flower Tattoo Cover Up Inspiration

Covering up an old tattoo is a tricky process that is made easier when you choose a detailed design for your new piece. Flowers are versatile and iconic, with each type symbolizing a different virtue. You are sure to find a flower that holds special meaning for you! Even better, flowers are ideal for cover up tattoos because their petals, stems, and leaves have intricate veining, gorgeous color gradient, and whimsical shapes. So if you are ready to turn over a new leaf with fresh ink, ask your tattoo artist to compose a cover-up flower design. 

Reasons to Choose Flower Designs for Tattoo Cover Ups

Flower tattoo designs are a versatile and adaptable choice for a cover-up tattoo. The flexible composition of petals and leaves can be represented in any tattoo style, including popular choices like black and gray realism and watercolor. In addition, flowers come in various colors and shapes, allowing for more creative tattoo cover up options. 

Popular Flower Designs for Tattoo Cover Ups

With so many flowers to choose from, how do you know which one to pick for your tattoo cover-up? Elect for a bud that symbolizes a meaningful personal belief or memory. These popular flowers are ideal choices for cover-up tattoos because of their iconic representation and intricate detailing. 


A classic choice, roses are an excellent choice for American Traditional and Realism tattoo styles. Choose from various forms, including fully-bloomed roses with bold petals or a more subtle design of a closed rosebud. Roses traditionally symbolize love, romance, and beauty. However, every rose color has a different association.

  • Red roses – Iconic symbol of love and romance
  • White roses – A representation of purity and innocence
  • Pink roses – Token of gratitude and admiration
  • Black roses – An alternative option that represents rebirth, death, and temptation

Consider expanding the design of your rose cover-up tattoo by including a stem, thorns, leaves, and fallen petals. These flowers also looked great grouped to create a larger piece of artwork for a chest tattoo cover up

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms have cultural significance in Japanese tattoo art. They are usually depicted as tiny buds of flowers spanning a thin branch. Cherry blossoms bloom in Spring. As a result, these gorgeous buds represent new beginnings and life’s fleeting nature. Pair your cherry blossom flowers with a bird or other iconic Japanese symbol like a koi fish. The delicate nature of cherry blossoms is translated into any size tattoo, making them an excellent choice for a finger tattoo cover up

Lotus Flowers

Lotus flowers are associated with meditation, yoga, and enlightenment. This stunning flower features symmetrical, overlapping petals that open to reveal a large honeycomb-like center. Lotus flower tattoo color combinations are endless and usually lean toward bright shades of pink, yellow, purple, and blue. Enhance this cover-up tattoo design by adding leaves, water droplets, or inspirational words.


In Eastern and Western art, peonies are used to symbolize prosperity and good fortune. These flowers are typically gifted as a form of congratulations or best wishes after a significant life milestone. As a result, peony tattoos can be used to memorialize an important life moment. Consider incorporating significant dates, names, or initials to personalize this cover-up tattoo idea further.  

Design Techniques to Enhance Flower Tattoo Cover Ups

Aside from the natural elements of a flower that are conducive for cover up work, there are several tattoo techniques artists can use to enhance the final result of your new artwork. 

Color Layering

Intense layers of colors hide old ink and pull the eye’s attention to a particular area of the tattoo. Tattoo artists use color theory to determine how and where to use a shade of ink. Alternating between contrasting and complementary colors that mimic natural realism will make your tattoo look more seamless. The choice of colors is an essential aspect of cover-up tattoos. The wrong combination will look muddy and might allow the original artwork to peek through. In addition, tattoo artists will use multiple shades of the same color to create gradient shading and added depth. 

Texture and Shading

The key to successful cover-up tattoos is dimension and details. Expert artists will combine gradient color and elaborate texture layers to hide old linework. The more complicated your new flower tattoo design is, the better it will camouflage the original piece. Popular shading techniques in cover-up tattoo artistry are:

  • Stippling – a collection of dots of different sizes and color shades
  • Hatching – cross markings of thin lines build up shading while adding dimension
  • Smooth – a blend of color gradients to offer a soft fade and realistic depth

Size and Placement Considerations

As a rule, cover-up tattoos need to be larger than the ink it is covering. Oversizing your new flower piece will better hide the original ink. Consider additional components you want to add to the design, like stems, leaves, and water droplets. These elements will contribute to placement decisions and the final size of your flower tattoo idea.  

Using Tattoo Removal to Aid in Flower Cover Ups

Use tattoo removal remedies to kickstart your dream cover-up tattoo. Laser treatment procedures are commonly associated with full tattoo erasure. However, it is also effective at fading old ink. Schedule a series of sessions in preparation for your new tattoo. Not only will your original tattoo be easier to disguise, but tattoo removal also opens up more design opportunities for your flower cover-up.  


Can a flower design be used for a tattoo cover, or are some designs more suitable than othersCan a flower design be used for a tattoo cover, or are some designs more suitable than others?

Flowers make excellent subject matter for a cover-up tattoo. The intricate details and color gradients of petals and leaves disguise old and unwanted ink. However, every floral cover-up tattoo has a unique set of circumstances. The best design for your new artwork depends on the size, color, and placement of the original piece. Colors that are not ideal for cover-up work are pastels, yellow, and orange. In comparison, black and gray realism and heavily saturated color are great at concealing existing ink work. 

How can I choose the right flower design for my tattoo cover-up?

Start with a bit of research. Check posts on social media, artist boards on Pinterest, and tattoo portfolio books. These images will help define what type of flowers and style of tattoo you want. Then schedule a consultation with your chosen tattoo artists. Bring your inspirational photos to help communicate your vision. Treat this meeting as a collaboration. Showing your tattoo artist the original artwork will help craft the design and reduce decision-making on the day of your appointment. Always rely on the advice of the artist and their cover-up tattoo experience when deciding on the right flower design for your new tattoo.

Will the old tattoo still be visible after a flower cover-up tattoo is completed?

Covering up tattoos is a specialized skill. It is important to choose an artist with lots of tattoo cover-up experience. You also need to be realistic with your expectations and design requirements. Professional tattoo cover-up artists can completely camouflage old ink if the right tattoo colors, designs, and style are selected. 

Fresh tattoos and heavily saturated black ink are the most challenging to cover. To increase the chances of hiding these tattoos, consider scheduling tattoo removal sessions. Laser treatments are highly effective at reducing the appearance of ink. It can take as little as two sessions to fade your tattoo and create a more forgiving canvas for your flower cover-up tattoo. 

How can I ensure that my flower cover-up tattoo looks natural and seamless?

First, start by selecting the right artist for your project. Cover-up tattoos are challenging to execute, so choosing a tattoo artist with a lot of experience is essential. Next, experiment with different designs and stay open-minded during the tattooing process. The goal is to bury your original tattoo with fresh detailing and gradient shading. Allow the tattoo artist to make small adjustments to the color tone. 

Finally, successful cover-up tattoos are intricate. Designs with complex line work, elaborate patterning, and layers of shading are most likely to look natural and seamless. In addition, complementing elements like vines and stems will make the piece look more realistic. Adding a vibrant and contrasting background will also help make the cover-up tattoo work pop!

How long will a flower cover-up tattoo take to complete, and what should I expect during the process?

Every cover-up tattoo offers a unique set of factors that affect how long it will take to complete. Aside from size, the number of details, shading, and colors will drastically change the length of a cover-up tattoo appointment. Your artist will be able to provide an estimated timeframe to complete at the end of a consultation appointment. 


As a general rule, expect a cover-up piece to take twice as long as the original tattoo. To disguise the original ink, tattoo artists need to use multiple layers of shading. Additionally, intricate linework is a painstaking process, and artists will take their time to get it right. Remember, tattoos can be broken up into multiple sessions! If you are concerned with how long you can sit for a piece, book several appointments. A quality tattoo is always better than a quick one!

What are some tips for caring for a flower cover-up tattoo after it’s completed?

Cover-up tattoos require the same aftercare process as any other tattoo. Ask your artist which healing ointment they recommend. Wash and moisture diligently to prevent the ink from cracking or peeling. After the cover-up tattoo is healed, you may need to return to the tattoo studio for a touch-up. This final appointment allows the artist to perfect details, saturate colors and put the final touches on your piece. 

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