Finger Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

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Published: 06.23.2021
Updated: 02.26.2024

Many of our clients chose to completely remove finger tattoos before they choose a new finger tattoo cover up design. After all, it’s difficult or impossible to conceal an unwanted finger tattoo. Here are a few common reasons that bring people into our offices to remove or cover up finger tattoos:

  • They chose the design hastily or at a young age.
  • They got the tattoo to commemorate a past relationship (we see many clients cover up wedding band tattoos, for instance). 
  • The design looks faded or distorted since finger tattoos tend to age quickly.
  • Their new job has policies that prohibit visible tattoos.
  • The subject matter is inappropriate.

For many of these clients, a tattoo cover up presents the best solution. By this, we are referring to a permanent new tattoo, not a method of temporarily hiding tattoos such as using makeup. After undergoing partial fading of the old tattoo, they can have a new artist create the design they truly want over top of the original, hiding all traces of it from view. Deciding between complete removal and a coverup is obviously a very personal decision that each client must evaluate carefully.

Finger Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

We’ve discovered some excellent finger tattoo cover up ideas from talking with our clients and affiliated artists, who shared some of their favorites! Remember that good cover up tattoos reflect your personal style in addition to fully covering up the old tattoo. Depending on the specific design you choose as well as the size of the old tattoo, achieving partial fading through laser removal may help create the desired end result.


Finger Tattoo Cover Up Idea #1: A Snake

Snake tattoos have an edgy yet playful feel, not to mention a great sense of movement.

finger tattoo cover up idea #

A snake design that wraps around a finger has a playful feel.

An old tattoo can often be incorporated easily into this new design because the snake can be as big or as small as you choose. For example, if you want a wedding ring tattoo cover up, an artist could easily work it into a snake design that twists around the finger.

finger tattoo cover up idea #1

Here’s another snake design that brings a sense of whimsy and movement.

Finger Tattoo Cover Up Idea #2: Floral Designs

The beauty of this design lies in the fact that even if the ink bleeds slightly, that will just look like part of the image. Flowers done in the watercolor style make an elegant accent on the finger. They also look good in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it easy to cover up an old tattoo after some fading.

finger tattoo cover up idea #2

Delicate watercolor flowers are eye-catching for all the right reasons.

Finger Tattoo Cover Up Idea #3: Slim, Dark Lines

Finger tattoos with thicker lines can easily develop a smudged look in a relatively short time, as the fingers incur a lot of wear and tear. However, minimalist tattoos with thin, dark lines accentuate the fingers nicely without making them feel overwhelming. Plus, any slight blurring of the ink will look less noticeable in a design with slimmer lines, whereas thick lines could begin to look puffy.

finger tattoo cover up idea #3

A dark yet delicate forest edge makes an elegant coverup for an old wedding ring tattoo.

finger tattoo cover up idea #3

These abstract designs also feature thin black lines—an easy way to disguise an old ring tattoo.

Finger Tattoo Cover Up Idea #4: Mini Portraits

Portrait tattoos have been growing trendier and trendier. They’re a fun way to sport a mini portrait in the realistic style, whether you choose a wildlife image, an iconic figure, or a mythical being.

finger tattoo cover up idea #4

This finger tattoo of a lion’s face uses subtle white highlights to make the eyes pop and soft linework that feels like a charcoal sketch.

finger tattoo cover up idea #4

This Medusa head will really capture attention!

If you’re getting a portrait tattoo on your finger, make sure the artist uses delicate linework. As mentioned, thicker lines in a finger tattoo can bleed and create a blurred look. Those with well-placed accents rather than a great deal of intricate detail often age best (in the short term as well as the longer term). Plus, they’ll be easier to touch up later.  In certain instances laser can clean up blown-out lines and clean up the look of older finger tattoos. If you have an older blown-out tattoo Removery can help touch it up.

Finger Tattoo Cover Up Idea #5: Elaborate Hand Tattoo

What better way to cover up all traces of an old tattoo than to choose a design that completely overshadows it in terms of sheer size? A tattoo that spans the back of the hand and one or more fingers in a cohesive design makes a real statement. The ring finger tattoo cover-up can blend into the overall design, as in the example below.

finger tattoo cover up idea #5

This henna-inspired tattoo gracefully extends down two of the fingers and up part of the forearm.

finger tattoo cover up idea #6

We love the sense of movement created by the gorgeous linework in this Japanese-style tattoo, not to mention the creative placement of the bird and sun!

Looking for more ideas on designs that don’t just cover the fingers? These wrist tattoo cover up ideas may help.

Choosing the Finger Tattoo Cover Up to Suit Your Lifestyle 

If you’re looking for a finger tattoo idea, you ultimately need to choose a design that you’ll feel comfortable sporting in your daily life. No matter how good a design looks on Pinterest, make sure you can envision having it on your hand every day at work. And again, keep in mind that the ink can bleed, causing it to look smudged as time goes on. Clean lines and minimalist designs often age best on the fingers and hands! You may also want to read about the average cost of tattoo removal as you plan your coverup journey.

Ready to take the next step? Find a tattoo removal studio near you with one of our experienced tattoo removal and cover up specialists at Removery!


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