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It's Our Pleasure To Give Back

Removery Is Thankful For You And Your Business

Removery knows you're trusting us with your skin, one of the most important things in the world. Everywhere we open a studio, we seek to be involved and give back. We want to not only be involved and partner with the tattooed individuals we base our business off, but the community where our studios operate. We love to find ways to give back to tattoo'd individuals across the country, across industries, and celebrate all tattoos and tattoo removal across the world.

Removery Gives Back To Our Communities

At Removery, one of the ways we give back to our community is by providing tattoo removal discounts to communities with long-standing ties to tattoos. We’re have several ways that we do this, represented in both charitable actions and cash savings for our local heroes and other communities.

We are Honored to Support Our Armed Services & Veterans

The Heroes Discount Provides 20% Off Tattoo Removal


Tattoos have a long history in the armed services. With so many current and former service members having tattoos, we’re honored to assist any that have a need for tattoo removal. If you are planning on joining any of the US military branches, each branch has its own appearance policies and tattoo policy that dictates the type, size and location of allowable tattoos. We’ve put together an overview of tattoo policies in the military by branch to reference current or planned tattoos compliance.

Removery offers a 50% discount for tattoo removals of any non-compliant tattoos, so you can stop worrying and get back to focusing on defending your country.

Tattoo Removal Discount For Military
We Support Police, Firefighters, Nurses, and Medical Practitioners

Our First Responders Discount Provides 10% Off Tattoo Removal


Removery believes in supporting the people keeping our communities safe, healthy, and running smoothly. If you’re a public servant, Removery wants to give you something back for everything you give to our community every day. Currently, we offer laser tattoo removal discounts for cops, firefighters, nurses, doctors, EMTs, and medical practitioners.

Tattoo Removal Discounts for First Responders
Removery supports those fighting cancer. When you finish your treatments, will remove your radiation tattoo for free.
Remove The Reminder, Celebrate The Future

Free Laser Tattoo Removal For Radiation Tattoos

Removery supports those fighting cancer. When you finish your treatments, will remove your radiation tattoo for free.

After you have conquered cancer, let us help remove the reminder. Removery offers free laser tattoo removal of any radiation dot after you have finished your treatment. Come to any local Removery studio and we’d be thrilled to help you remove your tattoo at no charge.

Learn About Free Removal For Radiation Tattoos
close up of the gloved hands of a tattoo artist while they give someone a black line art tattoo
Removery's Artist Partner Program

Tattoo Artists Get Free Tattoo Removal

close up of the gloved hands of a tattoo artist while they give someone a black line art tattoo

Tattoo artists make the tattoo community what it is. We love to celebrate and applaud the best tattoos in the industry, and pay homage to the ones adding this art to the world. If you’re a tattoo artist that would like to partner with us, we’d be happy to welcome you to the Removery community.

Tattoo Artist Partner Program Details
Removing Painful Memories For Better Tomorrows

Removery Gives Back Through INK-nitiative


We provide thousands of free tattoo removal treatments annually to those in need, and those impacted negatively by tattoos. By offering people a chance to change their external appearance, it helps reflect their internal change and moving forward in life. This program helps formerly incarcerated, gang members, survivors of human trafficking and those looking to remove hate symbols or racist tattoos.

Learn About INK-nitiative
Corporate partners get tattoo removal discounts with Removery.
Corporate Tattoo Removal Partnerships

Corporate Partners Get Tattoo Removal Discounts

Corporate partners get tattoo removal discounts with Removery.

Removery offers the opportunity to businesses big and small to offer laser tattoo removal as a company benefit for employees. We work with large partners like American Airlines to grant additional savings to their flight staff on any tattoo removal package.

Companies With Tattoo Removal Discounts