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Heroes Get 20% Off Laser Tattoo Removal


Removery can support you whether you are a veteran, active duty, or aspiring to serve.

Removery Gives Back To Our Armed Forces


Removery knows that there has been a long-standing history of tattoos in the military. Today, while different, tattoos still have a prominent role in military culture. Even beyond their tributes to the branch they served in or the comrades they fought alongside, there are excellent groups that connect tattoos and the military. One example is the projects Service Ink, which was created to encourage veterans to tell their stories via tattoo.

No matter your story, if you are serving in any of the branches of the military, Removery’s Heroes Discount applies to you. See below to see what you need to get your 20% off any tattoo removal.

Discounts For Our Veterans


Veterans have given so much for our country, and we’re honored to be able to give back to them. As long as you provide your military identification, any tattoo removal package is 20% off. See information on tattoo removal cost at Removery to estimate your price.

Discounts For Active Duty Service Members


Tattoo policy differs by each branch of the military, but our discount applies to all United States armed services. Bring your military identification and we can offer 20% on any laser tattoo removal package, and 50% off your Complete Removal Package for any non-compliant tattoos.

Discounts For Potential Recruits


Don’t let non-compliant tattoos stop you from chasing your dream and unlocking your future. If you have a non-compliant tattoo stopping you from joining any of the armed forces, bring a signed letter from your recruiter and you will qualify for both discounts. You are eligible for 20% off any laser tattoo removal package, and the discount is 50% for non-compliant Complete Tattoo Removal packages. Discounts can not be stacked.

Unsure About If Current Tattoos Are Compliant?


Removery keeps up with  military tattoo policies if you’re concerned about any current or planned tattoos.

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Complete Tattoo Removal Discounts For US Military

Heroes Get 20% Off Tattoo Removal

Removery offers 20% off for our standard military discount withvalid military ID or recruiters letter, and 50% off discount on Complete Removal Packages for non-compliant military tattoos.

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Removery Salutes Our Heroes

If you are currently enlisted or know someone who is enlisted, we're here to help with your tattoo removal needs.