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15 Clever Cover Up Ideas for Your Ex Name Tattoo

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Published: 12.07.2020
Updated: 02.13.2024

Maybe you recently broke up with your ex, and getting rid of the name tattoo of your ex’s is the first step of moving on with your life. Or maybe you’ve allowed the tattoo to linger for too long because you just weren’t sure what you could do about it—and now that you’re ready to start dating again, it has to go. Either way, you’re probably hoping that a cover up for your ex’s name tattoo might be just the solution you’re looking for.

Many people make the mistake of getting an ex’s name tattooed on their body—often in a prominent place. At the time, it seems like a romantic way to profess your undying love, but later, it feels like a huge blunder. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be permanent. There are a lot of creative options for replacing that old tattoo with body art you actually want. We’ll delve into the ins and outs of what you can do about your ex name tattoo, sharing some creative solutions to this all-too-common problem.

Can a Name Tattoo Be Cover Up?

Like your old relationship, the tattoo of your ex’s name or initials does not have to last forever. Just like any other tattoo, name tattoos can be covered. In fact, a tattoo artist can often use the existing linework within a new design. Fading the ex tattoo name is the first step; once the linework has been lightened, it can be repurposed. If you don’t have a specific idea yet for your ex name tattoo cover up, that’s completely fine. Many artists are great at coming up with a good tattoo cover up for names that will completely hide the old tattoo, even while using its linework in the new design.

With heavy, dark script, you may need than for lighter, more delicate script, our experienced specialists say. Of course, this depends on how bold and dark your cover up of your ex name tattoo is and how much negative space it has.

Names written in black ink often tend to be easier to remove than lighter colors. However, Removery’s tattoo removal lasers can handle all colors. Whether your ex’s name is scripted in baby blue, purple, or dark green, rest assured that we can help you transform it into a brand new work of art.

How Much Does It Cost to Cover a Name Tattoo?

Tattoo removal cost for a name tattoo depends on several factors, like the size, color, and age of the tattoo. These factors help determine the number of sessions you’ll need, which affects the cost. It also depends on your chosen design for your ex name tattoo cover up. If you need to veer toward full fading, it will cost more than if your new design hides the name within the existing linework. Also, if you need to cover a name tattoo that stretches across your back, removal will probably cost more than it would for a small tattoo at the nape of your neck. Purchasing a package deal can allow you to save money on each appointment.

You don’t necessarily have to fork over the money upfront, either. At Removery, we offer payment plans lasting from six months to five years, helping everyone to fit laser removal into their budget.

Ex Name Tattoo Removal with Removery

Ready to remove your ex’s name? Book a free consultation with Removery to learn more about what ex tattoo cover ups involve. Our top-of-the-line Picoway laser can handle any job, and we will be happy to recommend some of our excellent cover up artist partners to talk with you further about good tattoo cover up ideas for names! And rest assured that we judge no one for their past tattoo mistakes—we only want to help you move on with your life and feel comfortable in your own skin again.

15 Name Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Tattoo artists use many different strategies for covering up a tattoo of an ex’s name. If the name is very small, it can be easily worked into a small part of a new design, like the leaf of a flower. But no matter the size, there’s always a solution.

Ready for some creative inspiration? Here are 15 clever ideas to cover up exes’ name tattoos. We’re sure you’ll love some of these fantastic ex name tattoo coverup designs that have given others a fresh start.

feather tattoo cover up

Idea #1: Get the Blues

feather tattoo cover up

A vibrant watercolor-style tattoo will be so captivating, no one will ever realize it’s hiding an ex’s name. Tattoo cover ups like this one really pack a punch. Here, a skilled artist has blended the letters into the featherwork of this vibrant design.

Get the Blues
space tattoo cover up

Idea #2: Sometimes You Need Some Space

space tattoo cover up

Maybe you didn’t have a cosmic connection with your ex after all, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see stars. Here, the old tattoo forms the top of a window into a colorful galaxy.

Need Some Space
frog tattoo cover up

Idea #3: When the Prince Turns Into a Frog

frog tattoo cover up

Here, you can see how the “G” in “Gene” becomes part of the outline of the new tattoo, turning into wisps of smoke floating away as quickly as the former lover’s memory.

Price to Frog
owl tattoo cover up

Idea #4: Find a Feathered Friend

owl tattoo cover up

Here, “Laura” becomes nothing more than some owl feathers on this cute bird design, while the star forms the dark spot between the eyes.

Feathered Friend
ex name tattoo cover up ankle before and after

Idea #5: Replace It With a Love That’s Sure to Last

ex name tattoo cover up ankle before and after

For Valentine’s day last year, DoorDash offered to cover up ex name tattoos with people’s favorite foods. Now there’s a love that will never die!

Love that's Sure to Last
spider tattoo cover up

Idea #6: Along Came a Spider

spider tattoo cover up

For many people, having a 3D tattoo of a spider feels less creepy than sporting a tattoo of their ex. We can’t blame them! The old name script easily becomes part of the spider’s legs and body in this ex name tattoo cover up.

Along Came a Spider
bee tattoo cover up

Idea #7: You’ll Bee Alright

bee tattoo cover up

Here, one woman had the name of her ex-boyfriend’s band covered up by an adorable bee. The bold lines of the new tattoo follow the curvature of the old one, which is now completely invisible.

You'll Bee Alright
batman tattoo cover up

Idea #8: Batman Saves the Day

batman tattoo cover up

Kayleigh didn’t last, but Batman is forever. The bold, blocky design of the new tattoo easily swallows up every trace of this former lover.

Batman Saves the Day
finger tattoo cover up

Idea #9: Put a (New) Ring on It

finger tattoo cover up

A small ring tattoo name is easily covered here with an ornate ring design. Tattoos on the fingers often fade almost as quickly as a former love anyway, which can help make a cover up of an ex name tattoo much easier.

Put a New Ring on it
dragon tattoo cover up

Idea #10: Call In the Dragons

dragon tattoo cover up

This stylized three-headed dragon image neatly covers up Wendy’s name, absorbing it into the gray tones of this cover up tattoo. The ex’s name has completely vanished!

Call in the Dragons
skull tattoo cover up

Idea #11: Embrace the Kiss of Death

skull tattoo cover up

You can always express your sentiments about a past relationship with a grotesque design like a stylish skull. If you look closely, you can see how the letters help to form the intricate curvatures.

Embrace the Kiss of Death
name tattoo cover up

Idea #12: Try a Modified Tribal Design

name tattoo cover up

Here, the artist worked the name “Christopher” into a new segment added onto an existing tribal tattoo. Simply expanding the tattoo allowed the name to be absorbed into the elegant design.

Modified Tribal Design
tree tattoo cover up

Idea #13: Opt for a Moonlit Forest

tree tattoo cover up

As you can see, if you’re looking for an ex name tattoo cover up, you’re not alone. Even celebs end up in this situation! Check out this coverup that Pete Davidson had done after a breakup. The bold textures of the forest scene easily cover the lines of the original—except for the moon, which fits perfectly!

Moonlit Forest
butterfly tattoo cover up

Idea #14: Wow Them with Bold Colors

butterfly tattoo cover up

Or maybe, like Cardi B, you don’t really care about covering every hint of the old tattoo as long as you can’t read the name. After all, colorful body art like this butterfly will steal all the attention!

Bold Colors
eye tattoo cover up

Idea #15: Hindsight Is 20/20

eye tattoo cover up

One Bollywood star covered up his ex’s name tattoo with this startlingly realistic eye. The “A” helps to form the eyelashes, while any remaining traces of the original in the white area blend with the tiny veins in the eye.

Hindsight is 20/20

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