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What is a Party Dot Tattoo? How Difficult is it to Remove?

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Published: 05.18.2023
Updated: 11.01.2023

What Is a Party Dot Tattoo?


Have you ever noticed someone with a small array of dots on their face or hand? Party dot tattoos are not a random choice. In fact, these tiny spots of ink have significant meaning in the tattoo community. 


So, what do tattoo dots mean? Well, depending on the pattern, size, and location, party dot tattoos can represent everything from prison time served to a statement of faith or commemoration of endless nights of binge drinking.


Despite the minimalist design of dot tattoos, this ink has a significant meaning. Are dot tattoos right for you? Read on to explore everything a simple set of dots can say about you!

Meaning of Three Dot Tattoos

Traditionally, three dot tattoos symbolize “Mi Vida Loca” or “my crazy life.” They are commonly used to represent struggle and appreciation of life. For example, three-dot tattoos can communicate an intention to move forward after unfortunate circumstances. These tattoos are most common in underprivileged or minority communities and speak to an individual’s resilience and perseverance despite their challenging start in life. This traditional translation is closely linked to gang tattoo art. It is designed in a triangular pattern and placed on the face, usually by the corner of the eye. 


However, three-dot tattoos are not just for gang members. The meaning of a three-dot tattoo changes based on the orientation of the dots. In several cultures, these simple tattoos have a strong spiritual and religious component. 

Vertical 3 Dots Tattoo

When the dot tattoo forms a vertical line, it represents death, life, and reincarnation. Each dot represents a stage in life. Getting this tattoo is an acknowledgment that life is a precious and continuous journey.

Horizontal 3 Dots Tattoo

Also known as an ellipsis, a row of three tattooed dots represents the past, present, and future. This style is meant to communicate that you are following a path forward. Your history built who you are now, but you continue to evolve and grow with faith in a prosperous outcome.  

Are Party Dot Tattoos Related to Gangs?

Party dot tattoos are used to describe a tattooed pattern of three to five dots. While this tattoo style has been linked to gangs, the meaning of party dots depends on context. The easiest way to discern if a dot tattoo is related to gangs is the placement and style of the artwork.


Gang members get party dot tattoos in the formation of a triangle on the outer corner of the eye or in the webbing of the thumb. Five-dot gang tattoos are shaped as a square with the fifth dot in the middle. Like the tri-dot design, these tattoos are placed on the face or hand so that they are visible to other gangs.


However, it is important to note that not all party dot tattoos are gang-related. There are other deep and spiritual reasons a person might get a three-dot tattoo. 

What Do Three Dots Signify in Christianity?

Christians get three dot tattoos as an homage to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. The dots are typically arranged in a vertical pattern and are most commonly tattooed on the finger, wrist, or shoulder. 

What Does a Tattoo of an Ellipsis Represent?

When used as punctuation, an ellipsis represents a pause or signals an incomplete thought. As a tattoo, the ellipsis has a similar meaning. The horizontal three-dot tattoo can symbolize:

  • The constant journey of life
  • A resolve to always move forward
  • The future that is yet to be written


Meaning of Five Dot Tattoos

More often than not, a five-dot tattoo represents time served in prison. These tattoos are designed in a square with a dot in each corner and one in the center. The four corner dots are meant to represent the walls of a cell, while the center represents the prisoner. The five dot tattoo is an international symbol of incarceration and is common amongst American and European inmates.


Five dot tattoos are often placed on the hand at the base of the thumb or on the face. However, with its strong association with prison, finding five dots of ink with any other meaning is uncommon. In fact, most tattoo artists will not take requests for a five dot tattoo, as it is something considered to be “earned “by people who have served time.

How Hard is a Dot Tattoo to Remove?

Dot tattoos are very small and generally easy to remove. As they do not have the intricate detailing or scale as other tattoo styles, removals of dot tattoos are very successful. However, there are some important considerations depending on the placement and method of tattooing.


For example, certain areas of the body have poorer circulation, making the removal process more complicated. As a result, it might take the same or more sessions to get rid of even the tiniest three-dot tattoo. In addition, if the dot tattoo was done in prison, unorthodox application techniques and low-quality ink can affect removal results. 

Laser Removal of a Hand Tattoo

On average, it takes 8 to 10 sessions to fully remove a hand or finger tattoo. Despite being a small tattoo removal, three or five-dot tattoos can be challenging to erase from the hand. Fast tattoo removal is dependent on good circulation and blood flow. Unfortunately, the hand and fingers are low circulatory areas. As a result, it can take much longer to get rid of tattoos there. Additional factors that affect hand tattoo removals are:

  • How deep the ink was inserted into the skin
  • How the tattoo was initially cared for (scarring)
  • Consistency with removal treatments.


Much like the process for how to get rid of a stick and poke tattoo, the original application is the determining factor in erasing party dot ink thoroughly. To accurately assess a finger or hand tattoo removal, consult an expert at Removery. Their skilled and knowledgeable technicians will evaluate the current condition of your ink and advise on the next steps. 


And if time is a significant concern, Removery will advise on laser treatments to fade the ink. Finger dot tattoos are very small and easy for a tattoo artist to cover up. Therefore, if you want a faster solution to erase party dots, disguising them within a new tattoo is a great option. Recovery’s fading process will prep the skin for a more successful finger tattoo cover up

Laser Removal of a Face Tattoo

Whether you are adhering to new workplace guidelines or are ready to get rid of that unwanted reminder of your past, face tattoo removal is a fast and easy process. Thanks to strong blood flow, facial tattoos don’t require a ton of sessions to remove. 


Removery’s state-of-the-art lasers are specially designed for the targeted removal of tattoos in delicate areas. Client safety is their number one concern. Their talented team of technicians uses ice, blasts of cold air, and metal eye shields, making laser tattoo removal harmless to everything except your tattoo!


All face tattoo removals require an extensive consultation. Most clients are deemed eligible for laser treatments. However, if your tattoo is within the orbital bone, it cannot be removed.

Are You Finished With the Party? Contact Removery Today!

Every tattoo seemed like a great idea at the time. But if your party dot tattoo no longer represents who you are, call Removery! Their safe and effective laser removal treatments make dot tattoos disappear. Fading or erasing your old tattoos creates a clean canvas for new tattoos with meanings that connect to your values. With Removery’s services, tattoos don’t have to be permanent. So if you’re ready to cancel the Party forever, make it a point to schedule a consultation with Removery.


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