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Does Laser Tattoo Removal Scar?

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Published: 07.12.2020
Updated: 02.06.2024

Does tattoo removal leave scarring? Although those new to laser removal may feel concerned about this possibility, scarring is exceedingly rare when working with a skilled specialist. By choosing a reputable laser removal facility with a proven clinical approach and properly following aftercare protocol, you can avoid scarring from tattoo removal.

Does Laser Tattoo Removal Leave Scars?

Tattoo Removal Without Scarring is Possible

Laser tattoo removal does not cause scarring when done by a trained specialist using top-of-the-line equipment. If you were to attempt laser tattoo removal at home, you’d have a much higher likelihood of incurring laser tattoo removal scarring.

Scars After Tattoo Removal Are More Likely With Non-Laser Methods

Likewise, if you went to a facility that doesn’t specialize in laser removal, like a spa that offers numerous different treatments from facials to eyebrow work, you might have a higher likelihood of getting a tattoo removal scar.

When facilities don’t specialize in laser removal, the staff typically don’t have the same level of expertise needed to provide the highest quality of care. Thus, it’s vital to find a clinic that focuses on laser tattoo removal.

A skilled specialist will also give you clear guidelines for aftercare. Following these guidelines plays a substantial role in avoiding scarring and other preventable side effects. 

5 Tips to Minimize Scarring

Stay Hydrated

Drink lots of water to keep your body in peak health. By staying hydrated, you’ll boost your circulation, which, in turn, brings more white blood cells to the affected area to flush out the ink. drinking lots of water will help your immune system to function at peak performance!

Stop Smoking

Smoking takes a high toll on the body’s immune system, so stop smoking before you begin laser removal. Avoiding alcohol is also beneficial to your removal outcome.

Wear Sunscreen

Protect your skin from the sun by shielding the area undergoing laser removal with clothing and/or sunscreen. (Even with sunscreen, avoid extensive sun exposure.) This will help you prevent issues like hyperpigmentation and scarring.

Don’t Pick at Scabs or Blisters

Leave your skin alone! After laser tattoo removal, blisters may appear, and the skin may feel itchy for the first few days, but don’t pick or scratch at it. By maintaining a hands-off policy, you’ll avoid further irritation or damage.

Find Qualified Laser Tattoo Removal

Choose a highly qualified specialist (again, that means a person who specializes in laser removal as a profession) to ensure you’ll get the best quality of care.

Follow these aftercare guidelines, and you’ll be extremely unlikely to incur a scar from tattoo removal.

Do Tattoo Removal Scars Go Away?

Again, laser removal itself is extremely unlikely to cause scarring. Occasionally, clients notice scarring after laser removal that had actually resulted from the tattooing, not the laser removal. The scar had just remained hidden for years until the client had the tattoo removed. Usually, this scarring is faint and hard to notice unless you look closely. 

In very rare cases, clients can experience hypopigmentation, which means the skin where the tattoo used to be is lighter than the surrounding skin. This typically results from improper aftercare or removal by an inexperienced technician. While it’s not the same as scarring, hypopigmentation can also be long-term or permanent. 

Why Do Some Patients Have Keloid Scars After Tattoo Removal?

A keloid scar is an area of raised scar tissue. Some people are particularly likely to develop keloid scars in the area affected by tattooing or removal. If you have a history of keloid scars, you could be one of them. For example, if you ended up with a keloid scar after getting your tattoo, that could pose a concern during removal. Or, if a close family member tends to get keloid scars, discuss this with your specialist.

How can you avoid keloid scars? Consider your medical history and tell your laser removal specialist about any known skin conditions you have. Discuss these issues when booking a consultation for tattoo removal.

Can You Get a Tattoo Removed Without Scarring?

Again, a tattoo removal scar is extremely rare when working with an experienced specialist. When you have a specialist who understands your goals and how to achieve them using the best available technology, you’ll be almost certain to avoid any scarring. 

Does laser tattoo removal leave scars if you go to a less reputable facility? That is a distinct possibility. Thus, it’s vital to avoid working with anyone who uses an inefficient method or does not have a lot of experience in laser tattoo removal.

At Removery, we use the PicoWay laser, a highly advanced technology that removes tattoos as gently and efficiently as possible, resulting in no scarring. The PicoWay is the most trusted laser in the industry because it targets every color more effectively than any other laser and has a minimal effect on the surrounding tissue. This means that less disturbance to the skin occurs than with other methods, and the skin heals as quickly as possible. Scars after tattoo removal are incredibly unlikely when using this equipment.

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