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Pete Davidson Tattoo Removal

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Published: 12.18.2020
Updated: 07.04.2024

Is Pete Davidson getting his tattoos removed?

You’ve probably heard by now that Pete Davidson, 27-year-old star of Saturday Night Live (SNL), is reportedly removing all of his tattoos. While there is plenty of speculation about why he might be going for a clean slate, another question is: “Is it even possible to remove all of those tattoos!?” Let’s investigate.

Why Does Pete Davidson Want to Remove All His Tattoos?

Davidson, a native New Yorker, and star of Judd Apatow’s “King of Staten Island” (a semi-biographical movie about Pete Davidson’s life), revealed to film critic Mike McGranaghan that he is in the process of removing all of his tattoos. 

In response to shocked Pete Davidson fans, McGranaghan gave some insight into a part of the reason why he might be removing his ink. “He said it takes 3-4 hours in the makeup chair to cover them, so he figured ‘it would be easier to get them burned off.’” Another article written by Page Six recognizes that Lorne Michaels of SNL might be pleased, as actor and comedian John Mulaney previously relayed that Michaels isn’t a fan of the ink Davidson has. Our question still remains, why would that matter? 

When it comes to tattoo removal, career pressure is a common reason for wanting to get rid of ink. Many of our clients come to us for similar reasons, particularly if they’re in careers that have appearance restrictions, such as military or flight attendant regulations.


How Can Pete Davidson, or Anyone Remove 100+ Tattoos?

With over 100 tattoos, Pete Davidson has no shortage of tattoos to remove. If you’re unfamiliar with the tattoo removal process, Pete saying he would rather “burn” his tattoos off than cover them with makeup can sound alarming. However, tattoo removal (at least laser tattoo removal), doesn’t burn your skin– it just breaks up the ink in your tattoo so that your body processes it out. It’s true there are other removal methods, but laser tattoo removal is the safest and most effective form of tattoo removal, which is our bet on how Pete is removing his tattoos.

Something most people don’t know about tattoo removal is that it takes multiple sessions over the course of time to remove a tattoo. If Pete Davidson is doing laser tattoo removal, expect to see his tattoos fade over the next few months and years. 

How Tattoo Removal Works

Does tattoo removal leave a scar?

Laser tattoo removal has few side effects, focused energy breaks down the ink and leaves the skin in nearly perfect condition. Once the ink is broken down your body caries the ink away and naturally eliminates it. This process takes multiple sessions and can last up to 18 months.

Can I cover a tattoo after laser?

Removery Specialises in laser tattoo removal and fading for new tattoos. we work with over 500 Tattoo artists and tattoo shops around the world to help to fade and remove old work so clients can get new tattoos. laser tattoo removal is the preferred tattoo removal method for those who want exceptional results, quickly with minimal skin fatigue. Learn more about how tattoo removal works for coverups and why tattoo artists like Jon Mesa chose to work with removery.

Does tattoo removal hurt?

Most Removery clients describe the tattoo removal process as being uncomfortable but worth it. Sessions are fast, most sessions take less than 1 minute depending on the size of the tattoo. We minimize discomfort by icing the treated area and using a Zimmer cryo unit to numb the treated area.

worried about pain? learn from someone who has experienced the process first hand during a consultation. Most of our laser specialists have removed at least one tattoo find a location near you and book a consultation.

How long does tattoo removal take?

During the laser tattoo removal process, Removery uses focused energy to break down the ink which leaves the skin in nearly perfect condition. Once the ink is broken down your body caries the ink away and naturally eliminates it. This process takes multiple sessions and can last up to 18 months. The best way to find out how long tattoo removal will take for you would be to have a technician take a look at your tattoo in an in person consultation.

How much does tattoo removal cost?

Tattoo removal cost is determined by many factors size is the most important variable to determine how much tattoo removal will cost for you, we will need to see your tattoo in person to give you an accurate cost.

How would Removery remove Pete Davidson's tattoos?

When asked, our VP of Clinical Operations stated, "I’d start with the forest on Pete’s arm, the shark on his chest, and the keyhole on his ribs since they’re dark. I’d also start with his neck tattoos and behind the ear tattoo, because with the circulation those areas get, they’d be quick to remove. I’d also like to also start with the hands and neck, since he sees those all the time, and would be helpful to remove first from a psychological standpoint. It's helpful for our clients to see the progress of their tattoo removal.”
The forest on Pete Davidson's tattoo is a cover up, done by tattoo artist Jon Mesa.
Pete Davidson's shark tattoo is also a cover up, which would likely take 10-12 sessions to remove.
The keyhole tattoo on Pete Davidson's side would be a good tattoo to start removing first, since it's so dark.
Pete's "Cursed" neck tattoo would fade quickly due to circulation.
The tattoo behind Pete's ear would also fade fairly quickly, since there is a lot of circulation in that area.
Pete's hand tattoos would be good to remove first, since they're most visible.

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