Plenty of celebrities are covered with tattoos, and while collecting tattoos is normalized, if not trendy, removing tattoos is also becoming increasingly popular. Coming off of the news that Pete Davidson is removing all of his tattoos, we began to wonder what it would look like if other celebrities decided to ditch their iconic ink. In the same vein as Pete (having a large number of tattoos), Miley Cyrus has 74+ unique pieces tattooed on her body. If she wanted to remove her tattoos, could she? Where would she start? How long would that take? Here’s what it would look like if the former Disney star and “Angels Like You” singer wanted to blast all of her tattoos off.

How Do You Start Tattoo Removal?

For a lot of people, starting tattoo removal can seem daunting, but the first step is to just book a consultation so we can determine what the process will look like for each client. In Miley’s case, this would be no different. We’d want to run her through a consultation so we could figure out which tattoo(s) she wants removed and set expectations for how long it might take and the results she could expect to see. “What if she wanted to remove all of her tattoos though?” It’s possible! Tattoo removal is dependent on a few main factors: how dense the ink in a tattoo is, where the tattoo is located on the body, and overall health of the client.

When considering which tattoos to start on for Miley Cyrus, we’d begin by asking her which ones she most wanted removed. We’d want to start with those, then move to any darker or bigger tattoos. A lot of our clients choose to remove tattoos they have outgrown, no longer find meaning in, or tattoos that are hard reminders of the past. Something perhaps like Miley’s matching trident tattoo that she had tattooed after only five months of dating her now ex-boyfriend, Cody Simpson; or her Vegemite tattoo that was inked while she was with ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth.

How Tattoo Removal Works

You might be wondering how tattoo removal actually works and why it takes multiple sessions to remove a tattoo. Laser tattoo removal works by focusing powerful light energy at ink particles in the skin. That light energy is emitted in such a short burst that only the ink is affected and the surrounding tissue is left intact– this means that lasers don’t actually react with un-inked skin.

The ink in your tattoo is broken up into smaller pieces which your body begins to process out over time. Laser tattoo removal happens over the course of several sessions due to different depths of the ink in the skin. Each session breaks the ink into smaller particles which your body then naturally processes out.

Removery has performed over 250,000 successful sessions, and our clinical team has pioneered the use of all laser technology to remove tattoos on all skin types. This experience allows Removery to achieve more predictable results faster than what once was believed to be possible.

Here are a few of Miley’s most popular tattoos and their meanings

Since she has 74 tattoos, there might be too many Miley tattoos to list here. But to cap us off, Miley does have a handful of tattoos on her fingers and hands. Check them out.
Miley got her first tattoo when she was just 17 years old. The rib ink reads, “Just Breathe” and is a tribute to her friend Vanessa and her grandfather, who both died of lung diseases.
One of Miley’s biggest tattoos is the dream catcher that’s tattooed on her side. The tattoo is meant to symbolize the protection of her four siblings.
Yoko Ono wrote “I’m proud of u” to Miley, and it meant so much to her that she had it tattooed on her back.
Miley is no stranger to matching tattoos, and got one with friend and SNL star, Pete Davidson. The tattoo says “We Babies” and the two of them had it inked in 2017.

What Tattoo Removal Process Looks Like

When it comes to tattoo removal, “How long does it take?” is among the most frequently asked questions. Tattoo removal isn’t instant; it takes time and is a process. Most clients will come in between 8-10 times, with around 6 weeks between each session. The length of time it takes to remove a tattoo is dependent on a few factors like the number of treatments, staying healthy, avoiding sun exposure to the treated tattoos, eating right, not smoking, and more.

Assuming Miley Cyrus remained healthy and active during her treatment, she should start seeing fading just a few sessions after starting, and likely finish around the average time it takes to remove a tattoo. Speaking of fading, what if she just wanted to fade a tattoo (perhaps her avocado tattoo or rose tattoo) to get it covered up? A lot of our clients come in to have their tattoos lightened in order to cover up. This gives tattoo artists a better range for creating new or colorful artwork. If Miley wanted to fade her tattoos so they were easier to cover up, she could easily do that, since we are able to remove both black and colored ink. 

Why Do People Remove Tattoos? Changes/Phases of life

When people hear about or see tattoo removal happening to someone else, they often question why someone would want to remove a tattoo. After all, aren’t tattoos permanent? For a lot of people, no. Different phases of life are no surprise to anyone– change is a natural part of life, and if you made the decision to get a tattoo during one part of your life that no longer suits you, you don’t have to keep it. Miley is a great example of how life can change rapidly and how that can impact your choices. 

Taking a look at the “Heart of Glass” cover singer, it’s almost hard to remember a time where she was Disney Channel’s pride and joy– Hannah Montana. The evolution Miley has gone through is a great example of how life changes and why someone might want to move on from a past part of their life.

Miley is no longer Hannah Montana, nor is she the broken-hearted girl that released “Wrecking Ball” after her initial split with Liam Hemsworth. The tattoos she might have had tattooed during those times likely aren’t reflective of the current life she’s leading, and if she wanted to remove them, she could do so. Some might choose to keep tattoos from a former part of their life, but with the advanced technology that we have and implement, tattoo removal is a strong and helpful option for many.

In the same vein as change, removing a tattoo can help someone move on from a painful or limiting past. At Removery we have a community give-back program called INK-nitiative that lets us remove tattoos for those in need who have been victims of sex-trafficking or abuse, former inmates or gang members, and those who have racist or hateful tattoos and have since changed their views and actions. We also have clients who come to us to help change their identity altogether. Whatever the reason may be to remove a tattoo, regret and shame should play no part in that. At Removery we aim for constant Compassion, Trust, Empathy, and Purpose with every interaction.


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