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Tattoo Removal Success Story: It Took 7 Sessions to Flip the Script

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Published: 09.18.2019
Updated: 02.06.2024

As a Laser Specialist, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of pride you get when a client finishes their tattoo removal process. You’re ecstatic for them and also sad at the same time because you know that you won’t get to see them nearly as much. (Unless they come in to have another tattoo removed, which really does happen!)

Recently, a client from our Indianapolis center had a large tattoo fully removed after 7 sessions. We shared the unbelievable (but also totally typical) results on social media and it blew up.

I wanted to explain why his treatment was so successful and give some words of advice to clients who are in the middle of treatment as well as people who are thinking of beginning their change journey with us.

Time Heals All Wounds

Such a cliché, but it’s so true. Time really does heal all wounds! This client had a lot of time between his sessions, sometimes 4-5 months apart, which is much longer than our minimum 6 weeks.

He didn’t always have availability when we had an opening, and this only aided his progress since it let his body do the real work.

It’s not a numbers game. Everyone’s body is different. It’s going to vary. But, the ink has no choice, it’s going to go. It’s not stronger than that PicoWay® Laser!

No one likes to hear “Be patient,” but it truly is almost the answer for everything.

Nothing Unique About This Ink

Honestly, there was nothing atypical about the ink. He was well within our average of ink that’s between 6 months and 10 years old. And, if anything, removing script or tattoo writing is more difficult.

It’s an outline, that’s more embedded. Tattoo artists want those words be really distinct and precise so there’s no shading is involved. Just saturated, black ink.

Most tattoos that are floral or portrait, the outside is embedded but the inside is shaded. That said, since his ink was just solid black, we only had to use one PicoWay® wavelength and didn’t have to switch back and forth between colors or worry about white ink oxidizing.

And, you have to take into consideration the tattoo’s placement. It’s on the trunk of the body — with lots of circulation. It’s super vascular.

If his tattoo were on the ankle with lots of colors, it would take much longer than 7 sessions.

Quick Notes on Tattoo Removal


  • Tattoos with color will take more time than tattoos that are black.
  • Tattoos with white ink will take even more time! White ink oxidizes when it comes into contact with the PicoWay® Laser, which means it will get darker before it gets lighter again.
  • In addition, the level of ink saturation and location of the tattoo also impact removal results.
  • The quality of the ink in the tattoo can impact the level of clearance. Some inks are harder for the body to purge than others.
  • Keeping yourself healthy and hydrated is the best way to let your body flush and process ink!


For those of you out there reading this and considering tattoo removal, if there’s a tattoo that you’re no longer in love with or that you’re covering, etc, then absolutely, dive in and get started.

The sooner we start, the sooner it’s gone. Never, never has a single person told me that they wish they kept a tattoo they’re having removed. Most people say they wish they started sooner!

Dr Thomas Barrows Dr. Thomas Barrows Emergency Medicine

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