Tattoo Removal Financing

Excited to get started on your tattoo removal journey? Have you started saving to pay in full? You may not need to save as much as you think.

Removery offers competitive finance options with 100% approval rates without affecting your credit. Learn more about tattoo removal financing during a free consultation or visit our financing page.

Tattoo Removal Financing & Payment Plans

Removery Tattoo Removal Pricing and Packages

Removery focuses on safe, fast, and effective tattoo removal. Cost should not get in the way! Removery pricing is straightforward and determined by the size and desired outcome.

We evaluate every single tattoo before we start treatment, and ensure clients know exactly what the process will look like. During a consultation we measure your tattoo, review your desired outcome and discuss payment options.

Most clients take advantage of one of these options:

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Removery Guarantee

Removery takes the guesswork out of tattoo removal.

Removery capitalizes on our collective clinical experience to determine the most likely outcome for each tattoo given a number of variables stacked against experience and technology. The bottom line is that the majority of tattoos we evaluate can be removed within 1-2 years over multiple sessions.

The Removery guarantee covers all full tattoo removal packages, When you purchase a full tattoo removal package we will continue to remove your tattoo until all removable ink has gone regardless of the number of sessions or time.

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