Get Back in the Game + Save

Now through the end of March, save up to 50% by applying any previous payments from your single-session treatments or previously purchased 3-pack to a Complete Removal Package at Removery.  ​​

Removery Madness ends on March 31, 2024. Upgrade now before the buzzer goes off! Stop by your local Removery studio to redeem or click on the button below.  

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Terms & Conditions:

Valid for Clients in US & Canada only. Client must have previously purchased and paid in full a single treatment session AND/OR previously purchased and paid in full a 3-Pack Treatment Session Package; payments applied to previous treatment sessions will be credited towards a complete removal package, up to 50% of the total cost of the package before discounts are applied. Client must not have had more than 5 treatment sessions on applicable tattoos. 

Removery Choice 3rd Party financing may be applied towards the total purchase price of the Complete Removal Package Upgrade. This offer may not be combined with Removery in-house Financing options.



If I just had a treatment, can I still upgrade?

Absolutely! As long as you upgrade your package by March 31st, you can maintain your current booking​.

If I am financing my current plan, can I extend my limit to cover the upgrade?

Yes. We have multiple ways to complete this depending on how you are financed. Call your local studio for support.

What does a complete removal package cost?

Our studio teams can provide you with the final cost based on the size of your tattoo.

Is there a discount on another 3-pack?

This offer only applies to Complete Removal Package only.

Can I apply other discounts to my Complete Removal Package?

No, no other discounts can be applied.