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Ultimately, tattoos can be hidden with makeup or covered with clothing but for some, removing visible tattoos is the only option to move forward in their career. If you think that you need to remove a tattoo to become a nurse, Removery is here to help.

Can Nurses And Medical Professionals Have Tattoos?

It depends! The American Nurses Association has no official rules or regulations on whether it is acceptable for nurses to have tattoos. Regulations are in the hands of the facility and their individual policies on tattoos in the healthcare industry. Even if a facility does not have a tattoo policy in place, there might be a social stigma on nurses with visible tattoos. It’s almost always prohibited to have facial tattoos even if the facility has no official tattoo policy against facial tattoos. Hospitals, healthcare facilities, schools, and nursing homes will often have different policies based on where you work, and who you work with.

Some Common Body Art Policies For Nurses:

  • Must cover up any tattoo completely with long sleeves or bandages
  • No tattoos above the collar, or below the elbow allowed
  • No visible tattoos when wearing scrubs
  • Large or offensive imagery must be concealed

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Navigating Health Care Tattoo Policies

Most health care facilities have some regulations on tattoos in the workplace, whether that’s covering up tattoos in visible areas or not being allowed to have any visible tattoos at all, it’s important to know the tattoo policies stated by your ideal facility.

Some “grey areas,” such as lower leg or ankle tattoos can be covered by wearing scrubs. If you have a tattoo on your arm, you can likely keep it as long as you’re willing to wear long-sleeve scrubs, even during the summer. However, there are some progressive facilities that are removing or relaxing their tattoo policies which could benefit your chances of starting a career in nursing. Learn more about tattoos in the workplace and what that looks like for the healthcare industry.

If you want to pursue a nursing career, it’s best to opt for tattoos in non-visible areas while wearing scrubs. If you have tattoos in a highly visible area, you may need to get them removed in order to pursue a career in the healthcare industry. Call a Removery specialist today to discuss your removal options.

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