How Many Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments Do Knuckle Tattoos Take?

Knuckle tattoos fade naturally, the skin on your hands exfoliates faster than that of the skin on other body parts. Tattoo artists tend to compensate for natural exfoliation by setting more ink into the area so the tattoo will hold. Normally, knuckle tattoos take an average of 8-10 sessions to fully remove.

Removal Challenge | Placement

While ink placement in the fingers may be beneficial for removal if done by a light-handed artist, circulation in the fingers is less than ideal for removal. Because of there distance from the heart and major lymphatic glands, the removal of finger tattoos can present as difficult. Luckily for this client, the ink was very superficial, and so lightly saturated that ink density wasn’t an issue.

How to Remove Knuckle Tattoos

When this client came to us requesting full tattoo removal the best weapon in our arsenal for him was our PicoWay laser. This laser was ideal due to its highly effective 1064 wavelength that excels at the removal of black inks. Using its photo-thermal technology the addition of a small amount of heat helped to stimulate his immune system to respond quickly to his fingers to remove the broken down ink left behind post-treatment. The PicoWay allowed for deeper penetration than the Picosure which ensured we reached every single level of the tattoo that we where targeting in each treatment.

The tattoo was removed within just 5 treatments. Removal of this tattoo took less time than the average and we chalk this up to ink placement. When tattooing a finger, it is exceptionally hard to place the ink at the proper depth in the skin. If an artist with a heavier hand is applying the tattoo on a fragile area they may leave behind a little scar tissue. Typically the goal of full tattoo removal will be achieved quickly if you had an artist with a lighter hand, whereas a heavier handed artist’s work will require more treatments.

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