Cover up Tattoos

Here’s the deal: Getting a cover up tattoo is a fantastic way to remove tattoos and take care of old faded body art. The challenge is knowing what is possible with the unwanted tattoo you have. Luckily laser tattoo removal can fade existing ink particles safely and effectively. Most artists only need up to 5 sessions of laser removal processes before they can start to cover up old work. Multiple variables dictate the number of sessions including type of skin, ink colors, and the amount of ink present.

We encourage you to coordinate with your tattoo artist to figure out how much ink needs to be cleared to cover your older tattoo properly. A minimum of six weeks after your last laser session is required as well as adhering to aftercare instructions before you can re-cover the area with your new design to avoid any negative side effects.

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A Real Cover up Story

Learn how we helped our client lighten his upper arm tattoo in preparation for his cover up tattoo.

sleeve tattoo removal before and after

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Partner Cover up Artist Spotlight

Our Tattoo removal team is among the most experienced cover up specialists in the laser tattoo removal industry and we partner with many talented cover up artists.

Meet Cover up Artist Keith Kuzara

Keith Kuzara is the owner of Sink or Swim Tattoos and partners with Removery to fade and remove his clients' tattoos before their cover up. Known for his tattoo colorwork. Keith says laser tattoo removal is the best way to remove an unwanted tattoo so that you can get what you really want in the end.

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Meet Cover up Artist Evan Olin

Evan is the owner and artist at Powerline Tattoos. Known for his realism tattoo style, Evan Olin works hand in hand with Removery to fade and remove tattoos so his clients are ready for their detailed cover ups.

Get to know Evan

Meet Removery Partner Brian Moeller

Brian Moeller had planned for his life but shortly found life had other plans for him. As the manager of the Boston Tattoo Company, he is no stranger to tattoos and the bad tattoo decisions that come along the way. Brian trusted laser tattoo removal to rid his tattoo echoes, and we're happy to call him a Removery Partner.

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Partner Testimonials

The trusted leader in laser tattoo removal, Removery works with tattoo artists and studios across the country to offer custom laser fading. We work with you and your artist to fade targeted areas so you can get the tattoo you want. We partner with some of the best tattoo artists in the tattoo industry. This is what they have to say.

Powerline Tattoo

“As a tattoo artist, partnering with Removery was super intuitive. Traditional laser places are stuffy environments though, with doctors and white walls. I wanted to know the people behind the shop, really know them and trust them enough that I could refer my clients. I can work with my clients and Carmen and Phil through the whole [tattoo removal] process.”

--Evan Olin

The Helheim Gallery

“My name is Kelly Doty and I’ve been working with Removery for almost two years, between hosting their services for the Salem area, as well as receiving laser removal work for myself. It’s exciting not only to see my own regrettable tattoos disappear and make way for new work, but to also see these same doors opened for my tattoo clients. No one should have to live with the dumb choices one makes as an 18-year-old.”

--Kelly Doty

Studio 31 Tattoo

“Having laser before a cover up expands a client’s spectrum and options for cover up ideas. Lightening the tattoo makes it easier for the artist to also mask the original image while creating a whole new piece.”

--Justin Buduo