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Meet Removery: Shontelle Walker – Melbourne Brunswick’s Studio Lead

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Get to know Removery Brunswick’s studio lead laser removal technician, Shontelle. Her interview will inspire you to take the next step in the tattoo removal process

Tattoos to Remember & Some to Remove: Meet Shontelle at Removery Brunswick

Shontelle is the Studio Lead at Removery Brunswick in Melbourne’s inner north. Like many team members at Removery, Shontelle has always had a love for tattoos. As soon as she turned 18, she headed straight to a tattoo studio to get her first – a rose and dreamcatcher on her left shoulder. From there, her passion and love for tattoos only grew. Shontelle proceeded to get tattoos on her sternum and her back shoulder. She even got a small tattoo on her back whilst travelling in Cambodia. Over the past nine years, Shontelle has accumulated 14 tattoos. Her favourite tattoos? The fan tattoo and the American traditional tattoo on her left upper arm.

For Shontelle, she’s not finished yet. But over the past decade, her style has changed, moving towards American traditional tattoos. There was a time and place for her tattoos, but now she’s ready to move on and cover-up old tattoos including a Geisha tattoo on her thigh.

Shontelle initially got the Geisha tattoo as a symbol of strength during a difficult period in her life. However, as time went on the tattoo became a painful reminder of those difficult times.

“Every time that I looked at my tattoo, I was disgusted with what I saw, it reminded me of my past and I found any opportunity to cover it up where I could.”

Shontelle saw the opportunity to remove her tattoo as a way of moving forward physically and emotionally. Tattoos are no longer permanent with laser tattoo removal, which is great news for people like Shontelle who don’t want to be reminded by their tattoos.

“I always think of my result and the reward that will come with it at the end. It is amazing to know that we don’t have to keep our tattoos on our body forever, that we can remove for better beginnings.”

Interview with Removery Brunswick’s Studio Lead, Shontelle Walker

How did you get into a career in laser tattoo removal?

I began working in the beauty industry in 2015 doing laser hair removal in a few clinics around Melbourne. A year later I progressed to doing advanced skin treatments on conditions such as melasma, pigmentation, rosacea, and port wine stains. By 2021, I began doing laser tattoo removal at a beauty clinic. I have always wanted to work in this industry given my love for tattoos. When the opportunity came up to work for Removery, I made the jump and became a Sales and Laser specialist at our Werribee tattoo removal studio in Melbourne’s south-west.

What are the best parts about your job?

I really do love my job. I love connecting with clients who gradually become old friends catching me up on their life. A number of my clients followed me to Brunswick from Werribee! Knowing that I can change not only my own life by removing my tattoos but also being able to see other people change their lives from removing their tattoos is something that inspires me and motivates me to keep working in an industry that is constantly evolving. Being able to make a difference in someone’s life is so rewarding.

I also enjoy the social aspect of the role and working with the rest of the Removery team across Australia and globally. Despite everyone being in different locations, there is regular hype over each other’s achievements and plenty of support.

One thing that stands out about working at Removery is the clinical advisory board that informs Removery’s clinical processes. I feel confident knowing that I’m doing things right by my clients as I have the expertise to back my treatments. I wouldn’t want to work in laser tattoo removal anywhere else.

What does a typical workday at Removery Brunswick look like?

Between consultations with potential clients and treating regulars, I might be completing new clinical training modules keeping myself up to date with new clinical information as it comes out from our clinical team and medical advisory board.

Where is Removery Brunswick?

Removery Brunswick is in the inner-city suburb of Brunswick East just north of Melbourne CBD. You could make a day out of your visit to Removery. The studio is located a block away from the popular Lygon street where you’ll find plenty of restaurants, pubs and bars. The lively suburb of Fitzroy is only 5-10 mins drive away. There you’ll find a whole strip of art galleries, stores, pubs and bars. The studio is easily accessible by the tram route 96 at stop Brunswick St/Nicholson St. There is free parking down the road on Barkly St.

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