What are the Easiest Tattoos to Remove?

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Thinking of getting a tattoo but indecisive of what you want? You're not alone in this day and age. Tattoos are viewed much more favorably now than ever. If you're not sure about the type of tattoo you want, read some tips in this article that will help in your removal if it doesn't work out.

Top 5 Tips To Getting A Tattoo That’s Easy To Remove

On average, Americans who have three-plus tattoos regret at least one. While we’re here to help with your tattoo removal needs, we urge you to remember that laser tattoo removal is a process, and some tattoos might be harder to remove than others. Fortunately, if you’re indecisive about getting a tattoo, these tips on how to get a tattoo that’s easy to remove are probably right for you.


Factors that Affect How How it is to Remove a Tattoo

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1. Tattoo Placement

Tattoo location

The location of the tattoo on your body does influence how quickly it can be removed. Tattoos on the hands or fingers on average take longer to remove because they are further away from the heart. The closer to the heart a tattoo is, the faster it can be removed by the laser.

Although the wrist and ankle are popular first tattoo spots, it would be best to pick a spot on the torso, ribs, or upper arm/back area. Keep in mind the size of the tattoo and if you plan on adding more to your collection. Placement of the tattoo matters for your future tattoo plans or for potential removal. Read more about how long it takes to remove a tattoo if you are considering removal.

2. Type of Ink


Tattoo ink in the United States is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). There is a variety of formulas, techniques, and ways to create permanent ink. Some brands may have ingredients that cause allergic reactions due to heavy metals or coloring. Because tattoo ink is not regulated by the FDA, it could contain contaminated components which may cause infections.

It’s important to do your research on tattoo artists and the type of ink they use before getting a tattoo. If you do decide to remove a tattoo, the type of ink used will affect the overall removal outcome. Older tattoo inks with heavy metals are often more difficult to remove because the laser will have to spend extra time breaking apart the particles.

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3. Colors

Even with the new PicoWay® technology, not all tattoo ink colors can be easily removed. It’s best to go with dark, solid colors like black, blue, green, or purple. Darker shades stand out well against the skin, are easy to remove, and break down the fastest. Even though tattoos with light, pretty colors like yellow or pink look beautiful, they are nearly impossible to remove as they do not absorb laser light nearly as well as the darker colors do. The same goes for the currently fashionable white ink – removing a white ink tattoo is pretty much next to impossible. Learn more about the easiest tattoo colors to remove and why ink color matters for laser tattoo removal.

It’s also important to consider the ink color and your skin tone. If you are skin type 4-6, it’s best to stay away from red ink tattoos. It will be difficult or impossible to treat your red ink tattoo due to the pigmentation being too close to your actual skin tone. Learn more about skin tones and tattoo color at the link. Also, take some time to see if tattoo removal on dark skin is safe.


4. Technique

Traditionally tattoo artists have been producing tattoos that are made to last. That often comes with heavy-handed bold and saturated lines, which makes a tattoo difficult to remove. Modern techniques are often lighter and used with a single needle. Opting for a light single needle tattoo will likely be removed quicker due to the ink not being as densely packed into the skin. If you do opt for a larger tattoo, try picking a piece that has more shading instead of hard bold lines.

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5. The Right Mindset

Of course, there are other things that might make the tattoo removal process difficult for you. Maybe you’ll never want to remove your tattoo, but maybe you will.

Whatever you choose, follow these simple guidelines to help you end up with a beautiful work of art on your body that’s easy to remove. If you wake up one day and realize that you actually really hate that tattoo, we’re here to help you.

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