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The 66 Best Inner Bicep Tattoo Ideas (2024 Inspiration Guide)

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Published: 09.13.2021
Updated: 02.26.2024

The 66 Best Inner Bicep Tattoo Ideas (2021 Inspiration Guide)

Have you ever wanted a tattoo, but you want it to be discreet? An inner bicep tattoo is probably the answer for you. It’s a large piece of canvas that can be easily tucked away or covered by clothing. The inner bicep is an appealing spot for many different people because it can be a good starting point for a sleeve, be easily concealed, a good place for a tattoo that means a lot to an individual, or maybe you just think it looks really cool to have a tattoo there. 


Whatever your reason is for choosing an inner bicep tattoo, we’ve got a plethora of design options for you to choose from. Keep in mind that the inner arm is a sensitive spot to tattoo, so be prepared to commit to several hours of pain. However, with this article, you’ll leave with the bicep tattoo of your dreams.

Awesome Inner Bicep Tattoo Ideas

We’ve found the 66 best inner bicep tattoo ideas by consulting with our clients and affiliated artists, who shared some of their favorites! Remember that good tattoos reflect your personal style. Whether it’s a bicep tattoo with quotes, realism, tribal, minimalistic, black and gray work, or colorful tattoos, this list has it all.

Bicep Tattoos with Quotes

Quotes make great upper arm tattoos for anyone who resonates with a certain saying. It can be a discreet place to have a meaningful tattoo. Need the inspiration to find the perfect quote for you? We recommend searching your favorite bible verse, song quotes, or book lines on Pinterest, Instagram, or Google.

An inner arm tattoo scripture is a discreet place for a meaningful quote.

A small motivational tattoo on the innermost part of the bicep is a great spot to place reminder tattoos.

Nothing beats half sleeve inner arm tattoos. Classic tattoo with clouds, doves, and a motivational quote.

Inside the arm is the perfect spot to place a meaningful phrase.

Plenty of canvas space to place your favorite lyric on the inner bicep.

Small bicep tattoos are in! It’s a great spot for fine line lettering.

Have a favorite line from that special book? Get a bicep tattoo!

Thinking about getting that script tattoo? Inner arm tattoos are a great placement for your favorite quote.

Realism Inner Bicep Tattoos

Realism tattoos look great on the inner arm. From portraits, realistic eyes, to animal portraits, the inner arm is a great spot to place your realistic ink. When necessary, it can be easily concealed, or shown off at your own will.

Peer into the eye of the tiger! Incredible animal realism.

What a hot jalapeno! The color realism in this tattoo is spot on.

This tattoo design sure catches the eye. The artist perfectly used the shape of this client’s inner bicep to create the eye.

This design incorporated portrait realism and animal realism. It’s a beautiful tattoo design!

Hungry like the wolf! This artist included color realism. The design follows the size of the bicep to make the wolf appear like is coming out of the client’s inner arm.

Who doesn’t love elephants? The details are amazing!

Tribal Bicep Tattoo Designs

Tribal tattoos are traditional tattoos designed around a multitude of cultures. From Polynesian, Mayan, Celtic, and more, you can find these tattoos across the globe.

Tribal bicep tattoos for men were often symbols of warrior-ship or a right of passage.

Tribal tattoos make for great inner arm tattoos because of their unique geometric shapes and swirls.

Tribal tattoo designs often represent natural elements. Tattoos around the elbow can be quite painful, but worth it!

Tribal tattoos often follow the body’s composition. This tattoo design fits perfectly in this client’s upper arm.

Tribal tattoos were a hit in the early ’90s. They were often on the inner arm or biceps.

Ideas for a Minimalist Inner Bicep Tattoo

Minimalist inner bicep tattoos are great for small fine line tattoos or tattoos with a lot of negative space. It’s a low-commitment tattoo in a discreet place that can be easily concealed if necessary. Minimalist inner bicep tattoos are a great placement for a first tattoo.

Sunrise or sunset? This tattoo design utilizes a lot of negative space to create a circular shape.

Wave tattoos are all the rage. This small bicep tattoo is a great first tattoo!

Minimal flower tattoo on the inside of this client’s arm is very light and airy.

Here’s a minimal line work tattoo. Line work gives the tattoo a lot of negative space and can be a low commitment tattoo. Although, getting tattooed on the armpit can be painful!

A light bamboo tattoo on the bicep is simple and cute.

Skyline tattoos are very popular for line work. It leaves a lot of negative space and looks great on the inner arm!

Tarot cards are trending and they’re so cool! You can keep that card up your sleeve for when you’re ready to show your hand.

Snakes are in! Here’s a minimal tattoo that fills up space while feeling light.

Greyscale Inner Arm Tattoo Ideas

Much like realism tattoos, greyscale tattoos are great for bicep tattoos. Tattoos such as portraits, landscapes, animals, and geometry make for great bicep tattoos.

Geometric under arm tattoos are sick! It’s a creative take on that arm space.

Grayscale tiger? Say no more! This tiger on the innermost arm has the perfect gray ombre from head to toe.

Lion tattoos will always be in. This animal portrait is a great bicep tattoo for women. Really showcasing a strong upper arm tattoo.

This design’s negative space makes for a cool geometric grayscale tattoo. The tattoo artist gave this tattoo dimension and a unique shape.

You can get your three favorite designs tattooed on your inner arm!

This tattoo artist followed the client’s body composition and gave them a sick inner bicep tattoo.

Cool Bicep Tattoo Designs

In this section, we will be covering some cool inner bicep tattoos for men, women, black and gray work, and color tattoos. 

Inner Bicep Tattoos for Men

Inner bicep tattoos for men make for a great place to have meaningful, detailed, and large tattoos. Often, men like to get their inner arm tattooed because it fills up a large space and gives the bicep a larger appeal. Tattoos such as watches, compasses, and wings are often tattooed in this area.

This ship set sail! The tattoo artist used the composition of this client’s bicep to fill the space with this detailed design.

It’s common to get watch tattoos on the inner bicep. The circular shape fits the body’s composition.

Inner bicep tattoos can fit a large piece of art. Serves as a good spot for memorable tattoos.

This sick bird/ skull tattoo fills up the entire upper arm! Great use of composition, negative space, and blackwork.

Not all inner bicep tattoos for men have to fill the entire space. This skull moth proves it!

Dia De Los Muertos sugar skulls will never be out of style.

This inner bicep tattoo gives the illusion of the skeleton hand coming up from the elbow.

Two incredible portraits in one!

Wings are a popular tattoo on the inner arm. You might be able to fly with those wings under your arms.

Inner Bicep Tattoos for Women

Florals and winged creatures are popular inner bicep tattoos for women. They’re often delicate tattoos that represent femininity or freedom.

Light flowers on the inner bicep that wrap slightly from top to bottom look very elegant and beautiful.

This skull tattoo incorporates some incredible florals with a stippled moon in the back. The composition draws your eyes up from the inner arm.

Hummingbirds are majestic creatures that are beautiful and rare.

Butterflies are often an emblem of femininity and freedom.

This tattoo fills the inner bicep with a bouquet of flowers.

Alexa, play Fly Like An Eagle by Steve Miller. This is an impressively detailed micro tattoo!

A lightning bolt tear-out tattoo that gives the illusion of a bouquet underneath the skin is a very cool tattoo design!

Butterflies are classic feminine tattoos that look beautiful placed on the inner arm.

Black and Gray Bicep Tattoos

Black and grey tattoos on the inner bicep area is a great placement for starting or completing a sleeve. Whether it’s a portrait, realistic rose, or historic scene, your inner arm will serve as the perfect spot for your new piece of art.

This black and gray portrait perfectly utilizes negative space to create realistic pipe smoke leading up the arm. The portrait’s eyes draw your eye away from the body which makes this bicep tattoo very compositionally appealing.

Photo realistic roses will forever be a crowd favorite. The rose fills the majority of the biceps surface creating the ball elusion which often makes the bicep look larger.

The last supper in extreme detail across the upper arm is very impressive!

This portrait into a scenery tattoo is a fantastic black and gray piece of art.

Ancient Egypt just got resurrected with this incredibly detailed back and white tattoo. It serves as a great addition to the sleeve this client is creating.

We said it once and we’ll say it again! Dia De Los Muertos tattoos are classic. This tattoo’s composition follows the natural shape of the client’s bicep and draws the eye up.

Colorful Inner Bicep Tattoo Designs

Colorful inner bicep tattoos are great for any neo-traditional, watercolor, or Japanese traditional tattoo lover. Although, there are plenty more color tattoos to suit your style.

This neo-traditional space monkey is out of this world! Perfect inner bicep tattoo to showcase your galactic taste.

Minimal and colorful met to bring you this beautifully detailed scene. The bicep is a great spot to place your tattoo portal into another realm.

Neo-trad and space meet again! This galactic girl makes for a bright and vibrant inner bicep tattoo. It’s the perfect addition to a space-themed sleeve.

When watercolor meets majestic. This colorful hummingbird is a beautiful addition to anyone’s upper arm.

Incredibly saturated watercolor tattoo! Looks like a piece of art on that inner arm.

This rendition of The Scream painting is incredible!

This geometric fox is a stunning bicep tattoo!

You can’t go wrong with Japanese traditional tattoos. The flow of the water follows the body composition and the flower is a beautiful color pop!

Another classic Japanese traditional tattoo on the inner bicep. Perfect for continuing a themed sleeve!

American traditional flowers and a pistol is a great way to show off your “guns”.

Thinking of Removing Your Inner Bicep Tattoo? Let Us Help!

There you have it! The 66 best inner bicep tattoos. Have an old tattoo that you need faded for a tattoo cover up? You can book a free tattoo removal consultation at a Removery location near you today! And find out how much tattoo removal cost. You can also find our tattoo pain chart here to see where inner bicep tattoos fall on the scale. 

Need to see some inspiration? Check out some of the best cover up tattoos – post tattoo removal and follow us on Instagram @Removery to see more inner bicep tattoos and cover ups.

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