Case Study

Sleeve Tattoo Removal Results

Sleeve Tattoo Removal Case Study
Sleeve Tattoo Removal Case Study
Why Laser Before a Cover Up? With laser treatment being so readily available, many artists choose to refer their cover up tattoo clients to Removery to undergo laser tattoo removal before putting their art in the same place. This allows for the artist to do a tattoo to their full ability, without having to dance around different artists' old and unwanted tattoo ink. This also reduces the need for the cover up tattoo to be a very large, and a very dark tattoo. Thanks to laser, if you want a cover up tattoo, but don’t want a huge dark raven, the possibility remains.

How Many Treatments?

The main question asked when a client comes in to lighten an unwanted tattoo before a tattoo cover up, is “how many treatments do I need?” While this is a difficult question to answer for even full removal, it becomes even more challenging to give accurate answers for tattoo cover ups. This is due to the numerous tattoo styles, and artist preferences that play a role in the cover up tattoo process, and different skin tones. Every artist will require a different level of lightening before they apply the new tattoo. This is largely due to the tattoo artist’s style, and style of tattoo. If you are looking to have a traditional tattoo applied with heavy lines and bright vibrant colors, odds are your artist will require fewer treatments than an artist who specialises in light black and grey portraits, which an old tattoo would more easily show through.

How Do I Ensure my Tattoo is Light Enough for the Cover Up Tattoo?

At Removery our first piece of advice when seeking a cover up tattoo is to decide on the tattoo you want, find an artist who you love, and speak to them. The best results come from good communication between an artist and client who are on the same page. Every technician at Removery is highly skilled in laser tattoo removal, but typically we do lack the artistic insight your artist will have. Speaking to your artist can also reduce the size of the area you need to be lasered or colours that need laser removal. The less ink we need to remove, the less costly the removal process will be and fewer side effects.

How to Remove Sleeve Tattoos?

In the case of this client, we opted to use our PicoWay laser and its 1064 wavelength to get him cover up ready. Because this client had all black ink, all linework tattoo, this was the best laser for his particular tattoo.

It seems crazy doesn’t it. But it’s all about wavelengths and William Kwan, MD is here to explain it all in simple English. Certain wavelengths target certain colored ink. These wavelengths are not focused on the pigmentation of your skin so they avoid it completely. Smart eh and completely safe.

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In our hands with our experience it is 100% safe. We have performed over 1 million successful treatments, but there’s a reason Bond villains always have a laser, in the wrong hands they can be very dangerous.

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How old it is. How big it is. How colorful it is. There are a number of different factors that affect how long it takes to completely remove a tattoo or fade a tattoo for a cover up. Each tattoo and everybody is unique which makes it so difficult to give an accurate timeframe for removal.

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