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Cover ups

Tattoo cover-ups. New tattoo. New you.

Exciting times, if you’re thinking of updating your old art then get in touch. We can work together with your tattoo artist to find the best fading plan for your new design.

Next level art

With all the amazing tattoo artists around these days getting a cover up is a great way to take care of old, faded body art. The challenge is knowing what is possible with the unwanted tattoo you have. Luckily, laser tattoo removal can fade existing ink particles safely and effectively.

How many tattoo removal sessions will you need?

Most artists only need up to 5 sessions of laser removal before they can start to cover up old work. Multiple variables dictate the number of sessions, including skin type, ink colours, and the amount of ink present (how old it is). For more info on this take a look at our video on factors that affect tattoo removal.

Teamwork is dreamwork

For the best results we like to swap notes with your tattoo artist. Regular check ups with your artist after each tattoo removal session will help to see how many more you may need before they can start your new tattoo.

How soon after tattoo fading can you start?

Our experts recommend you can re-cover the area with your new design a minimum of six weeks after your last tattoo removal session. The whole process can be improved if you stick as close as you can to our aftercare instructions.

Best Aftercare Info

3 steps to getting a cover up

So you’ve decided to get a new tattoo or update an old piece you’ll be looking at getting a cover up. It’s a simple process but we recommend starting with your tattoo artist.

Find your artist

#1 Find your artist

There are so many amazingly talented tattoo artists around these days, instagram is literally packed with stunning art. Once you’ve found your artist they can quickly work out how much fading will be required before they start with your new tattoo.

Book a free consultation

#2 Book a free consultation

Once we can see what your new art is going to look like we can make a more accurate estimation of how many removal sessions you’re going to need. If your new tattoo is very dark then you may not need that many at all and vice versa.

Show off your new art

#3 Show off your new art

After on average 3 to 5 sessions your old art will have faded enough to get going on the new piece. We recommend leaving it for 6 weeks after your last laser session to begin though.

A number of ways to pay

Our team will work with you to create a tailored and affordable payment plan. We have a variety of options so you can afford the best possible treatment, it’s your skin afterall.


Full payment upfront


Small deposit & regular payments


Finance for manageable monthly payments

Single treatments

Single treatments are a great option for those looking to test the waters before fully committing or those that have a tattoo in need of a touch-up. If your tattoo has had a blowout and needs cleaning up, a few single sessions can help restore the details in your original art.

We don’t recommend doing single sessions for the whole removal, however, as the total cost over time can be up to 50% higher depending on the number of sessions needed. If you have questions about which option would be best for you then just get in touch.

All your questions answered

We know all of this information can feel quite overwhelming and you’re going to have a lot of questions. That’s why our experts explain it all as simply as possible right here.

The laser hits the ink in a tattoo, breaking it into smaller and smaller particles. Once these particles are small enough they’re taken away naturally by your body. We repeat this until it’s gone completely.

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It depends. How large is the tattoo? Where it is on the body? What ink was used? Who did it? How old is the tattoo? These are just some of the factors that affect the price. Read here for full cost examples.

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In our hands with our experience it is 100% safe. We have performed over 1 million successful treatments, but there’s a reason Bond villains always have a laser, in the wrong hands they can be very dangerous.

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