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Tattoo Removal With Removery

There are many choices for tattoo removal, but there is only one company who specializes in it. At Removery, it's our mission to bring safe, effective, accessible tattoo removal to the world. Doctors guide our work and efforts and our field staff receive top-tier training at our facility in Austin, Texas.

Here’s How Tattoo Removal Happens At Removery


Attend your complimentary consultation

When you arrive at your local Removaery studio, you’ll speak with one of our expert specialists and receive a personalized treatment plan, review estimate time to removal, and answer any questions you might still have about tattoo removal.


Receive custom price quote for your tattoo removal

During your consultation, we’ll size your tattoo and give you an exact quote on how much it will cost to remove your tattoo(s).


Same-day treatment (if applicable)

If you decide to start your tattoo removal journey following your consultation, we can get your first treatment completed same day. Most treatments last about 15 minutes depending on the size of the tattoo, and you will be on your way!


Follow aftercare plan & schedule next treatment

We will provide you with aftercare instructions, answer any questions you may have, and book you for your next treatment. We are always here to answer questions and support you in your tattoo removal journey.

Find your nearest Removery

With over 150 studios you’re sure to find one near you. We look forward to seeing you!

How To Get Your Complimentary Consultation

All tattoos are unique, and because of that tattoo removal is also unique to the tattoo and the person. In order for us to properly remove your tattoo, we need to have one of our highly trained staff provide a removal estimate based on your tattoo. This consultation is completely free, and requires absolutely no commitments in order to receive it. If you’re still in the research phase, we recommend learning about how laser tattoo removal works and why it is the best choice for safe removal.

To get your complimentary removal estimate, you’ll need to schedule an appointment at a conveniently located studio.

If you submit a form, you can relax and wait in the queue for one of our support staff to reach out, or you can also schedule the appointment yourself via the following options:

Schedule Your Consultation Online

If you are busy right now or we are closed, rest assured that one of our experts will be in touch as soon as possible to answer your questions and provide information about our services.

Submit Your Info & We'll Contact You

Every tattoo is different, from the size and age to the inks and colors used. All of this affects how long full tattoo removal will take, or if it’s possible at all.

Please fill in this form and we’ll call you to set up your appointment so we can quote you the cost of your tattoo removal.

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